Namak Issk ka 14 December 2020 Written Update – Will Chamcham able to work in the presence of Yug

At the beginning of the episode, Chamcham with Lucky and Rani reaches her room and called Bano for thanking him for the help and asked for the last favor not to inform anyone about them. Lucky was crying and, Rani was trying to make him quite suddenly Chamcham came inside, and Lucky said I had done a crime now police will arrest him and take him away. Chamcham said there not one with such power who can take his Lucky from him.

Neelawati went to Ravikanth room and closed the gate. She noticed he was trying to write something on the paper starting with the word ”car”. Neelawati grasped her hand and said angrily said, him to write the full sentence that, “my wife Neelawati has pushed that car” Nellawati said every wife thinks of killing his husband at ant point in time, and she just did that, then also you are such a shameless person that you still survived.

Rani asked Chamcham that why you are helping us so much without any relationship. Chamcham said Might be not having any blood relation, but we all are ophan whom not no one adopted. Chamcham told them that God had extended her family by sending you both in her life. Nellawati told Ravikanth that she might not willing to kill him if he would not cheat her by going to her first wife. Ravikanth recalled how he made an excuse for urgent work and went o spend time with her first wife and daughter. Neelawati said the day she saw him with his first wife, she decided to wear a white saree, but by luck, you survived.

Khani meet with the doctor and said that she as been there to assist you. The doctor inquired about her past job and then said to her to be active as she is now working with a doctor, not at the Ayurvedic department. Chamcham moved towards his house. Ravikanth started shivering heavenly. Neelawati said, him not to panic as she is there. Neelawati went near him with an injection and stabbed and said, you will be alive as a dead body and said she has also killed that Thakur who might save you from me.

Chamcham entered the house and was a little surprised to see such a big house. Then she noticed Yug and hid behind the couch. He came downstairs whole talking over a call and sat on the couch. Chamcham opened her bag and wore a mask suddenly, At the gate few staff members came with a big God idol, which was shaking and about to fall. Chamcham and Yug both ran towards it and balanced that. Then they both shared their eye contact.

Chamcham was about to leave, Yug stopped her and asked her what she is doing here. Chamcham was about to say suddenly the doctor came and introduced her as his assistant. Then Yug said, you have come to examine Baba, and said, them to proceed towards their room.

Chamcham went to Ravikanth room and wished her and introduced him to ask started her examination of BP. When Chamcham touched his hand, Ravikanth recalled his last moment with her daughter and felt like her daughter is standing Infront of her.

Yug’s brother received a call and got to know that Chamcham is missing. He told them to find her everywhere if they need to find her on the moon, then told them to go there also.

Episode end

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