Kumkum bhagya 15 December 2020 Written Update : Tony steals the necklace

At the beginning of the episode, Pragya tells that she no longer wants to fight for herself she is so tired now. She tries to remove the ring from her hand and got hurt. Abhi asks her to do it calmly. Meera comes and says sorry to Pragya as she is marrying her husband. Pragya says don’t worry she is not hurt, she wants to move on and Meera helps her in it. She no longer has any feelings for Abhi. Meera says she feels so sad thus she apologizes but after talking to her, her sadness fades. She gives jewelry to Abhi and leaves. Meera feels good as now everything is sorted. Pragya gets hurt, she starts crying.

While Tony wants to get his hands on that expensive neckless. There Riya sends Ranbir the picture of ring. She then make a video call. Ranbir attendes her call. Riya ask him how the ring. Ranbir praises her choice. Riya tells him that she brought this ring for their engagement. Ranbir says but their engagement not yet fixed so wait untill they fixed the final date. Riya agrees with. Ranbir notice Prachi. He ask Riya about her. Riya says her mood gets off when she saw her. Ranbir ask why, what happened but before she can give him reason their calls ends due to network issues. Pragya is leaving while Riya notice her but Pragya didn’t. Riya thinks Pragya purposely ignoring her.

There Meera calls Aliya. While Ailya is doing some company job. She notice Meera’s call and pickup. Meera ask for her help. She tells her that she saw Pragya and Abhi together in the same washroom. She adds even Abhi later went behind her. Meera says that is why she alert her but she ignored her words. She then hangup the call. There Pragya is crying and Sarita notice her. She ask her what happened. Pragya tells her about Abhi’s marriage.

Sarita ask pragya to stay here till she come. While woman called Shubra comes to Pragya and tells her story. Pragya her to never leave her husband for her children. Shubra ask her children are the one who make their marriage work. Shubra gets a phon call and leaves. Sahana ask Prachi to stay aways from Riya. Prachi share that she wanted to share some time with her sister Riya but!

Sahana says she is her sister too. Prachi thinks to call Pallavi but Sahana ask her to call Ranbir. Prachi did the same. She ask Ranbir about her mom. Ranbir says she is in good conditions. Phone again discontent. While Ranbir thinks to tells Prachi everything. Sarita comes to Abhi and ask him to have some words with her. Abhi gives the necklace to Amit. Amit hand it to Tony who runaway with jewellery. He then show gun to everyone and ask them to stay away from him.

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