Kundali bhagya 15 December 2020 Written Update : Kareena favors Mahira

At the beginning of the episode, Kritka asks Rakhi to send Preeta and Karan to their honeymoon. Karan says if you are crazy, he then leaves the place. While Rakhi asks Preeta to come to her. She gives her something and says she found it under the sofa. She asks if Preeta knows about it. She tells Preeta to never let the ego come between them. Because ego can break their bond. She says as Preeta is more mature so she should take care of it.

She asks if Preeta wants to spend some alone time with Karan. Preeta says no. Rakhi knows that she is lying. She asks her to do whatever she was doing before. Preeta nods. There Kareena confronts Mahira and Sherlyn saying that she saw that Mahira is putting salt in Preeta’s handmade tea. She asks Sherlyn that why she is supporting her in her wrongdoings. While Rakhi asks Sameera to book a honeymoon suite for Preeta and Karan. She asks him not to tells this thing to everyone. He nods.

There Mahira apologizes and says that she know this is wrong but to get Karan she did it. She starts crying while saying that she messed up and wants to die. Kareena says Mahira and she both don’t like Preeta but if Mahira plays this trick then she will be caught. She adds that she needs to do something which Makes Rakhi angry and she scolds Preeta. She tells them about yesterday night’s incident. She says this can make Rakhi angry and leaves.

On the other side, Karan tells Preeta that he didn’t have his towel thus he will come without wearing anything. Preeta gets shy and closes her eyes. While Karan came wearing a bathrobe. He notices shy Preeta and teases her more. Preeta gets to know that Karan makes fun of her. She scolds him for that. Girish comes to them and asks them to come downstairs as Rakhi is calling them. They leave. Sherlyn notices that Rakhi and Sameer are cooking something.

She tells this to Mahira while forbids her to think too much. Kareena wants to tells Rakhi about yesterday’s thing. But before she can say anything Karan stops her and says that yesterday he locked Preeta and stay on the sofa for the whole night. Rakhi scolds Karan. Kareena asks her to stay calm. Rakhi then gives Preeta and Karan Minali tickets and ask them to leave for their honeymoon.

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