Shakti 14 December 2020 Written Update : Heer asks for Parmeet’s help

At the beginning of the episode, Angel reveals in front of Parmeet that Heer is a kinnar. Parmeet stunned and take one step back in shock. Heer asks Parmeet to help her as they are taking her without her wish. Parmeet recalls how Virat and Preeto always protect her. While Heer comes to Parmeet. Parmeet recalls those moments she spent with Heer. Her eyes become moist. Angel asked her to make to take Heer with them while Parmeet returns which shocked Heer.

She recalls how Parmeet used to shower love at Heer. Angel asks Parmeet what happened you’re not taking your daughter-in-law with you. Parmeet removes her necklace and gives it to Angel. Angel becomes happy while Heer shouts Parmeets name she asks her to help her but Parmeet ignores her begging and leaves. Later she came to Sant. Sant asks if she found Heer. She is about to tell him something but she notices Virat and others are there so she remains silent. Virat asks if Parmeet saw Heer. Parmeet says no, Heer is not there.

She adds maybe they leave. Preeto says they should find her more. They go while Parmeet thinks to tells the truth of Heer to Sant. She is about to tell but reports come there. They question Sant which makes him angry. Parmeet thinks that Sant’s condition is not good so she can’t tell him anything. Reports leave and Sant asks Parmeet if she wants him anything. Parmeet says she is thinking about Heer. Sant says don’t worry we will find her soon. Heer asks Angel why she is taking her. Angel says to sell her. Heer stunned. She asks Angel to leave her. Angel slaps Heer and asks her to stay silent.

Heer shouts out loud Virat’s name. Virat feels her. He says he will come soon. Parmeet comes to her house. She tries to pure her house by sprinkling holy water. She images Heer everywhere. She starts throwing vegetables and plates. Tejinder asks what is going on. Shano says Preeto did the same when she found out about Soumya. Tejinder says that means Heer’s truth revealed in front of Parmeet. Shano says yes and they laugh. Parmeet decides to remove Heer from her heart and also from the house. While Virat says he doesn’t know what he should do. Preeto asks him to be like Harman. Virat says he loves Heer more than anything so he will surely find her soon.

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