Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14 December 2020 Written Update : Vansh’s surprise gift for Riddhima

At beginning of the episode, Riddhima tells Vihan that it is enough now just do as she says. Just give papers to her then take his money and leave. Vihan says he will not give it till Riddhima give him 50% of the property. Riddhima says remove this net first. Vihan says no. He adds that now Riddhima can’t do anything, she can’t even tell about him to the family. As if Dadi dies after knowing the truth. Riddhima stays still. Vihan says so it is better if she gives him half of the property or else he will tell the family that she is a spy. Then he will stay in this house as Vansh and enjoy this luxurious life.

He then starts cutting the net. He says it is easy to cut Kabir’s net but not his. She can trap Kabir easily but not him. Riddhima thinks that she did wrong by taking Vihan here to remove Kabir as he is more viscous than Kabir. She thinks now what will she do. Later Vihan asks Riddhima to give her an answer soon as he can’t wait for her for his whole life. He adds that will burn this paper if Riddhima says yes to his demand.

Riddhima says if you want to burn it then go ahead she has no problem. Vihan says if she is mad. Riddhima says she didn’t sign the papers yet so they for no use. Vihan notices it and gets shocked. Riddhima says if she loses the game then he will too, so think carefully before taking any step. Vihan says he needs some time. Riddhima says she doesn’t have that much time. She starts leaving and thinks what if this plan of her fires back on her.

Riddhima is watching her and Vansh’s photo. She adores it and says she is missing him. She hugged the picture and says she lays on a very tough stop. She misses him daily as if he is here he will definitely help her and remove all her problems. She says she tries a lot to be like him but couldn’t. She notices a gift. She notices that it is from Vansh. She gets excited to open it.

She recalls how Vansh used to give her surprises. She removes gift paper and finds a box in which there is a letter written by Vansh. Vansh wishes Riddhima a happy birthday and asks her to find out a secret about him before her birthday comes. She also notices a pic. She thinks that she saw this but where. While Vihan comes. He turns on the lights and snatches the paper from her hands.

Riddhima thinks she can’t let Vihan read it. While Vihan tries to read the latter but it is blank. Vihan asks why she is staring at the blank paper. And why this photo of Ishani’s room painting comes here. He thinks if there is information about the secret. He leaves and she got to know that we only read this latter in candlelight. She then leaves to unfold the secret but Vihan puts handcuffs on her hand.

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