Choti Sarrdaarni 14 December 2020 Written Update – Sarab family left the mansion

At the beginning of the episode, Harleen stopped them and said, you can not take anything with you which is related to this house. Sarab opened his golden bangle and gave her and told Meher to give that bangle which she brought for him. Vikram said, Aditi, to stop doing all this, but she ignored him. Harleen told Aditi that God would surely punish her for this. Aditi told Sarab to give her a promise that after going from here, you will not take any advantage of using Gill’s family name. Sarab gave her the oath that he will not use any name. Aditi challenges them that they will not be able to survive more than a week, and you will return and give Karan to us.

Meher said Sarab would not go against his words. Sarab told Aditi that he is not keeping any grudge against her and stepped out of the house. Harleen was following them with tears in her eyes. Vikram came out running and saw Karan from a distance and felt sad. Al staff members were having tears in their eyes seeing Sarab leaving the mansion. Aditi came outside and ordered the security to close the gates.

Sarab and Meher turned and saw Aditi for the last time. Kulwant in her jeep came across them and said, Sarab why he is leaving all his property and going. Param told Kulwant that we are going to build a mansion. Kulwant told Sarab to think for Param. Kulwant was about to go inside to talk with Aditi, but Meher stopped her and said not to interfere in this. Kulwant said, them to come with her to his house. But

Vikram said I was the fool who believed your words. Because now Karan is not safe outside this house. Aditi said that she loves her and she will bring his Karan back to him. Vikram went in between her words. Kulwant asked why they are leaving all facilities due to Karan. Meher said Karan is more to Sarab than any other thing.

While walking on the road, Param started coughing and told Sarab that he is very tired and requested them to bring a car. Sarab and Meher got confused and stood still.

Episode end

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