Qurbaan Hua 14 December 2020 Written Update : Chahat got exposed

At the beginning of the episode, Vyas Ji gets shocked After reading that message. Neel told Bhopu that he would confess his love to Chahat and ran outside, while going home he practiced on the road how he will confess his love to her.

Godhmbhari said every one to stand in a line as she will tie a red thread on their arms. Godhmbhari came to Chahat and told her to remove her saree for his arms, suddenly Alekh signaled Godhmbhari to pick that gun that was lying on the ground. Godhmbari came and gave that gun to Alekh.

Neel came aside with Chahat and told her that he wants to say something Chahat said, that she knows you will say me to forgive Dr.Baigh, but Chahat said she can not forgive him as he tried to kill you. Then Neel informed her about that bullet that hit Dr.Baigh. Chahat started asking Neel about Dr. Baigh. Neel said he is all fine as he promised her. Chahat praised Neel for such kind help.

Dr. Baigh said God why you save me every time as I have destroyed my daughter’s life. Dr. Baigh said he is going to Masjid for the last time, then he will come to you.

Neel said he saved him because he knows the value of Dr. Baigh in your life. Neel said I was not lucky to have such a caring father, but you have. Chahat then told About the take id, which Vyas Ji is using to come close to him. After listening to this, Neel was shocked, suddenly Jamunaparshad came and told Neel that Vyas Ji is calling him, and he is very angry. Neel went to Vyas and got to know that he was angry because Neel changed the Wifi password Vyas Ji told him to fix it back. Neel cleared all messages and went off from there.

Dr. Baigh went o Masjid, and someone identified him as a murderer of Neel and thought of catching him. Then they called Aelkh and informed him. Alekh thought of putting all the blames on his head. Bhopu called Chahat and informed her that Dr. Baigh is missing from the room. Alekh informed the police and went with them to catch.

Chahat heard Godhmbari saying that Dr. Baigh will die a dog death, then Chahat went to Godhmbhari and asked her the details. Chahat thought of Saving Dr.Baigh. Neel got to know that Chahat has gone somewhere.

Chahat under Burdkha went to save Dr. Baigh. Vyas Ji also went to that location. Dr. Baigh was praying for Chahat. Chahat noticed Dr. Baigh and told him to come with her as this place is not safe, suddenly she heard a crowd outside and got confused. Alek took the mic and started announcing to surrender or else he will break the door. Alekh told the police to break the door. Chahat and Dr. Baigh came out of everyone and were surprised to see a girl with Dr.Baigh. Chahat removed her cloth from her face. Everyone was surprised to see her.

Episode end

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