Qurbaan Hua 15 December 2020 Written Update – Neel and Chahat is in big trouble

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat removes her cloth and reveals her face. Godhmbari asked Chahat that what she is doing with Dr. Baigh and why she is wearing a Burkha. Chahat said she is a Muslim and Dr. Baigh daughter. Vyas Ji shouted at her and said, this could not happen as you are of our Hindu family.

Alekh told us this girl had betrayed all our family members. Vyas Ji recalled whenever he uses to give something of his religion, Chahat uses to deny it. Vyas Ji said Police arrest Dr. Baigh as he is a terrorist. Alekh asked Vyas Ji what we will do with Chahat. Vyas Ji told us we would give her punishment for what she has done with our family. Vyas Ji toom Chahat to the home where she was trying to convince everyone, but no one was listening to her.

Godhmbari started forcing her to open all the Hindu ornaments. Fee ladies helped Godhmbari to open all those ornaments, but she went to Vyas Ji and requested him to forgive her. Vyas Ji told you will be surely punished for what you did. Vyas Ji asked for a razor and was about to cut his tail, but Jamunaparshad came and requested him not to take any step like this. Vyas Ji told Alekh to handle all the responsibility carefully and decided to quit his life as a sacrifice. Everyone said there would be s julus to set an example. Other ladies allied black ink on her face and tied her hands, and took her in the market. Neel heard Chahat voice and started running towards her.

Chahat was requesting everyone that she has not done anything, and her father was trying to save Saraswati. Godambhari advised everyone to throw slippers on her. Neel came and started covering Chahat and warned everyone not to beat her. All said, Neel not to become a fool as she has betrayed everyone. Neel said You take revenge for Sarwsdst murder I brought her by making her Hindu. Vyas Ji told Neel I am the protector of the Hindu religion snd would not allow mixing both the religion blood. Neel cut his hand and another on Chahat’s hand and asked Vyas Ji to differentiate.

Alekh warned Neel that his actions could punish him. Neel said Chahat to escape from here as they will not understand our love. Vyas Ji told Neel that you sr my blood and if blood gets to mix with poison that it fair to kill that person. Neel and Chahat escaped from there, and Alekh ran behind them to catch them. Alekh said he would give a huge amount to that Muslim girl. One of the men stabbed Chahat from the back, then Neel beat that man and picked Chahat in his arms.

Episode end

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