Choti Sarrdaarni 15 December 2020 Written Update – God helped Sarab and his family

At the beginning of the episode, Sarab with his family was going to the farm. While Washing hands from tube well Sarab acknowledge the importance of Farming to Param. Param requests for new clothes as his clothes become dirty with mud. Meher looked at Sarab and said to wash your hands and face like Sarab first. Param denies and said he only uses mineral water Sarab told him that tube well water the purest form of water as it comes directly from the ground. And showed him by drinking that water. Sarab helped Param in washing his hand and Face. Then all they started playing with water.

Vikram said, their men to spy on Sarab and his family and said that they should not face any type of problem. Harleen heard this secretly. Kulwant entered the house shouting Aditi’s name. Vikram came In front of Kukwant then Kulwant said to her that you did 2 things wrong in her life and this time Yamraj will not give you a discount every time. Vikram told Kulwant that he had not done anything as usual. Then Kulwant shouted called Aditi to come In front of her.

Param scandal got torn, then he requested for a new one, then Sarab got an idea and told Meher to put Param on his back like a sack. Aditi came and asked Kulwant that how dare she came inside the house. Kulwant told her that this house is for her daughter and her husband. Aditi told one of the staff to remove the old frame and put the new one and said Kulwant that this is the real wife of my father. Kulwant saw tears in Vikram’s eyes and told him not to waste these crocodile tears as she know you are doing all these using Aditi.

Aditi said Vikram to say Kulwant to get out from this house or else it will not look good if our security guard will throw her out. Vikram joined his hand and congratulated Aditi for this Mansion and went off from there. Harleen came and taunted Aditi that she can not make her house by destroying someone others house. Harleen told her that her bad time has started. After Aditi went Kulwant asked why she did not go with his brother as there was so much love in between you. Harleen shouted at her and said to Keep quiet.

Sarab with his family was sitting under a tree and suddenly Vikram men came there and informed him about their location. Vikram told them to make a video call as he wants to see Karan, but they said they have maintained a distance from them because Sarab is going far from everyone who knows him. Vikram advised them to help them indirectly. Suddenly 2 men came near Sarab and called Kulwant and informed him about their location, then Kulwant said they to be active, and as they will spend their night, we will provide them with the commodity indirectly. Param said he is tired and wants to sleep, and Meher also said that Karan is also hungry. Then Sarab starred thinking. Param recognized and acknowledged them that once you told me that whenever we are in trouble just we have to remember our God. Then all of them started remembering their God.

A strange came near Sarab and put his hand on his shoulder and gave him a note due to heavy wind it went into the air Saeba ran towards it and grasped it. The. She tried to find out that man and noticed a mud house and went inside that. Then Sarab saw the note and I which there was God’s name then Meher joined her hand and thanked God for helping them. Then they die God’s name written on the wall and went toward it and joined hands in front of it. Then Sarab told Param that this is our new nest. Then Meher said that was men of God who came here to give is the direction. Sarab said it means we are on the right path.

Episode end

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