Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15 December 2020 Written Update – Riddhima find out the secret

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima is struggling to find the secret. While Vihan faints. She calls him but he didn’t wake up. That’s when Riddhima thinks to call someone for help but then she makes a change in her plan. She thinks that it would be better if Vihan stays like this till then she can go to Ishani’s room to find out about the secret. She goes to Ishani’s room and tries to find out something but couldn’t get anything.

She again notices the painting and thinks it is very confusing, she can’t get anything. She doesn’t even have that much soon her birthday day will come also Ishani and Angre can get back here anytime. While She hears Ishani’s voice. She hides and thinks that it would be better if Ishani and Angre go from here as soon as possible. That’s when the duo leaves and Riddhima notice that picture more carefully. She finds a clue from there and goes to the piano room. There she finds a VR house blueprint. While Vihan gains his senses.

Aryan comes there. He snatches the blueprint from Riddhima’s hand. He asks her why she needs it. Riddhima says Vansh needs it. She asks him to don’t put his nose in her business. Aryan leaves while Riddhima gets her hands-on blueprint again and finds another clue. She shouts got it while Vihan hears her voice and thinks about what Riddhima got. He thinks if Riddhima knows the 8 December truth. Riddhima notices Vihan there and thinks get rid of him. Riddhima then reaches to a room.

Kabir also comes there. Riddhima finds a basement there and hides in there. She notices a locker there. She enters the password to open it but couldn’t. While Kabir is about to enters the basement but Vihan stops him. He asks Kabir to leave with him. Kabir has no other option so he goes with Vihan. While Riddhima again tries to enter the password. She asks Bappa to help her. This time locker open. Riddhima gets excited. She shouts yes. And find some paper. She gets a photo of Vihan and Vansh. Riddhima stands still.

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