Shakti 15 December 2020 Written Update – Parmeet become Heer’s new enemy

At the beginning of the episode, Virat says to Preeto that he will surely find out Heer but just compare him with Haram. I don’t know how he is and he doesn’t even have any interest to know about him. Preeto shouts at him and asks him to find Heer as soon as possible. Virat asks Malika to come with him. Preeto goes behind him but Harak stops her saying that Virat is already tensed so don’t bother him more.

There, Shano tells Parmeet that she too is with her. Kareena unveils herself. Parmeet asks her to leave her house. This is not their adaa. Shano says if Kareena leaves the house then everyone suspects Angel. And then Preeto questions them. Parmeet says she doesn’t care about Preeto. She can face a hundred Preeto. Malika tells Virat that perhaps Kareena kidnapped Heer to sell her in the Bangkok market. Virat says he will never let this happen. Parmeet calls Angel and asks her to never let Heer comeback.

Angel asks her don’t worry. Heer says to her that her Virat will come here to save her. Angel laughs. Heer ask her why she kidnapped her. Angel tells her whole story. Heer cries. Otherside, Parmeet tells to everyone that she thinks that Heer runaway. Preeto says Heer can’t do this. Preeto ask Harak to leave from here to find Heer as these people can’t do anything.

While Tejinder is happy as she will get money soon. Parmeet comes to her and ask to shut her mouth or else she will kill her. She even ask Shano to don’t tells Simran anything. There, a kinnar wants to tell Heer that she is a kinnar but Angel hurt her. She then give some clothes to Heer saying that tomorrow she will sell her.

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