Namak Issk ka 15 December 2020 Written Update – Ravikanth tried to expose her wife

At the beginning of the episode, Chamcham noticed Ravikanth crying and asked him to stop crying and wiped his tears with her hand. Chamcham said, today I am getting a strong feeling like if my father would be alive, he must be like you. Then Chamcham was trying to check his heartbeat through a statoscope suddenly she heard someone sound and turned around. Neelawati came with the doctor, and after that, he examined him, and Chamcham wore a mask. Chamcham and the doctor left from that house.

Rupa came to Yug and showed him her Mangalsutra, which got broken. Yug assured her that he would protect their relationship, and nothing would happen. Yug elder brother noticed Chamcham while leaving with the doctor and felt happy to find him and thought of getting her.

Chamcham came across some boys who started teasing her. Suddenly Yug elder came and saved her from them. Secretly he said, one of them to stab him with a knife. Then one of the men stabbed him with a knife and, then they went off. Then he said Chamcham to come with him as this place is not safe. He took her to a tea stall where Chamcham applied for medicine on her hand and, He felt happy for that. He introduced himself as Rony. Yug came out of the jewelry shop and noticed Rony sitting with someone. Rony got to know that Chamcham is a dancer than he said he is a producer and wants s good dancer for her movie and requested her to write her number on his hand. As soon as Yug crossed the road, Rony escaped from there.

Neelawati gave golden bangles to Gunjan to wear. She shows Ravikanth and selects how it looks. Suddenly they heard a sound and went outside to check. Ravikanth sees the open cupboard and recalled that Neelawati showed him a photograph, which was proof of Neelawati’s crime. Ravikanth in his wheelchair pushed the cupboard, and the envelope dropped on his legs.

Everyone gathered in the hall and was asking Rony about his injury. Rupa was overreacting and asked Yug about his Mangalsutra. Slowly Ravikanth car and dropped that envelope downward, which came and Landed on the couch and everybody noticed. Yug was about to pick, but Neelawati picked. Yug started asking Neelawati that why she is hiding this from him. Neelawati said, this is a photograph of your father’s second family and said she did not see it or else he will remember the painful past. Yug went off from there in aggression.

Episode end

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