Barrister babu 15 December 2020 written update – Greenwood insults Mini

At the beginning of the episode, the Principal asks girls to buckle up or else they will lose this competition. He asks them the last question. Badal rings the bell but forgets the answer. That’s when Bholi speaks and gives the answer. Mini is in shock. Mini says but Bholi is dumb then how can she speak. She calls them a cheater. Bholi says she starts speaking because of Anirudh and Bondita. She adds that they show faith in her thus she starts speaking. Later Principal asks one more question. The question is about food preservatives.

Bondita knows the answer she rings the bell and says salt. Mini claps and says the answer is wrong as the right answer is NaCl. The principal tells Mini that NaCl is also known as salt so Bondita is right. Mini says but how can Bondita knew the answer she must do cheating. Mini says she herself ask someone to torn the last 50 pages of the book and this question lays in that area then how Bondita gave the answer.

Anirudh says Mini we can get knowledge without a book also and that’s what Bondita did. Anirudh recalls that once he saw Bondita making pickles and she used tones of salt in it. So he asked her why she is using so much salt. Bondita answered when we use so much salt in achar that’s when achar becomes sour she also told him that salt makes achar last long. Thus he always tells that a woman can be anything. He adds girls can read and girls can also do household work. But Mini can’t understand this because now she is not an Indian woman but a British woman. The principal announces that girls are winners.

Everyone clap for girls while Mini holds her mouth in shock. Ilaichi comes to Mini and ask her if she will call her husband now. Mini gets angry she pushes Ilaichi. Bondita handles Ilaichi and asks if she is fine. Ilaichi says she is very bad. She betrayal them. Bondita asks says it is okay Ilaichi you’re still our team member. Later Anirudh and others dance on the beats of dhol. Mini gets irritated. While Greenwood says he should leave Tulsipur before he gets more insult. Mini says she too wants to go with him as she is his wife now.

Greenwood says a woman like her can never be his wife. He says she is a sour loser and he adds that Bondita is better than her who at least wins back her husband’s respect. Ahead, Bondita is upset. Anirudh asks the reason. Bondita says didn’t Anirudh told her that Heera mandi girls will too get an education with her then why they are not going with her.

Anirudh says because Shanti Niketan school people called the girls there and it is an honor. He even tells her about Sorav’s promotion. Bondita gets happy. They plan to celebrate their victory. Later everyone uses good words for Anirudh. They put tika on his head. Meanwhile Anirudh congress Sorav. There Mini thinks to kill Bondita.

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