Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 15 December 2020 Written Update – Sai went to headquarters

At the beginning of the episode, Sai went outside the house. Usha told Sai to stop and said to her that they are not their village friends and requested Sai to go back and apologies to them. Usha said Sai if she will not return, then she will go back to the village. Sai said Usha sat in a cab and went of Ashwini tried to stop them, but they went off.

Pakhi came to Virat with tea and told Sai has disrespected everyone including you. Pakhi advised Virat to stop accepting all her demands and said him to forget Sai for a while and concentrate on his duty.

Sai and Usha went to the police quarters and said to Usha that she will tell everything to there seniors that how they are treating me in the house. Bhavini was upset about Sai’s behavior and said I was expecting very much from Virat’s wife. Suddenly Ashwini came and asked what happened in her absence. Bhavini said without informing anyone she went with her maid. Pakhi came forward and said Sai today misbehaved with Bhavini, and it was very rude. Ashwini told there would be might some reason behind that otherwise Sai is not such type of girl. Bhavini taunted for protecting Sai every time and taunting Pakhi. Ashwini said she only wants everyone should accept Sai as Pakhi. Suddenly Sunny came and asked Pakhi about the situation. Karishma said Sai might be going to complain against Virat and informed them about yesterday’s incident.

Sai went to the DIG officer room and introduced herself as the wife of Virat and told that Virat had not forced her to marry him. Sai informed the past incident how She was kidnapped, and Virat saved him from that. Sai told Virat is just completing his duty. Virat and Sai came across each other at the office. Sai said to him that she came here for some urgent work.

Everyone was angry in the house and waiting for Sai to come back. Sunny came back and informed that Sai is missing from everywhere. Bhavini went to Ashwini and said to her that you have an answer for all the question, then answer me where is Sai. Suddenly Sai and Usha came back home, and everyone noticed them.

Episode end

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