Yeh Hain Chahtein 15 December 2020 Written Update – Shocker for Rudraksh

At the beginning of the episode, Everyone arrived at the party. Sharadha was looking for Preesha and told Rudkraksh to call her once. Miskha told Ahana that it had been one year we are trying to separate Preesha and Saranash are we are unable to do so. Gps and Vashudha with Mahima came into the party. Saranash was about to hug Mahima Rudkraksh grasped her and distracted him from there. Vashudha asked about Preesha. Rukdkrash called Preesha, and her phone was switched off Sarnasht told Preesha usually forgets to charge her phone, and then they went off.

Rudkraksh was anchoring and told everyone that today he would be singing a special song through which he got Saransh and Preesha in her life. Rudkraksh said we would surprise Preesha while she will be entering from that side and will be happy to see me singing this song here. Rudkraksh picked his guitar and started singing the song. Rudkraksh imagined Mahima as Preesha and dance with her.

Preesha dressed like a bride in the saloon and went in a taxi. Rudkraksh thought she will give him a necklace and surprise him. Suddenly Ahana came and asked about Preesha and told She is very carelessness. Ahana contacted the saloon and got to know that Preesha went there from one hour ago.

Ahana informed that Preesha has dressed as a bride and said this is very embarrassing. Rudkray went aside and started panicking. Suddenly he heard Balraj talking with Preesha and slowly went to him and took the phone but she disconnected.

Rudkraksh asked Balraj what Preesha is doing, but Balraj denied to reveal anything. Rudra sent that number to his friend to find the location of Preesha. Rudkraksh informed Shardha that Balraj knows everything, but he is hiding from us. Suddenly Rudkraksh got the location of Preesha and went off from there to find her. Shardha went to Balraj to get to know the truth. Ahana and Mishka thought of going with Rudkraksh to find the whole scene. Balraj told Sharadha that he would not reveal anything to you.

Episode end

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