Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15 December 2020 Written Update – Will Kairav act normal to Naira?

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik went inside and acted of being sad and said he is missing Akshara. Naira was standing outside snd listening to their conversation. Kartik told him it would be so awesome if Akshara would be here. Kairav told me to call them here. Kartik called Nairs and said, they to come to Mumbai as soon as possible. Naira felt happy and started dancing.

Ridhima noticed Naira dancing happily. Kairav with Kartik and Ridhima was shopping. Kairav chose a balloon for Naira. Kairav noticed Naira in a mirror and started running to catch her, but Naira escaped from there. Then Kartik said to him that he was missing her that why you imagined her.

Naira informed Naksh that they are meeting tomorrow and told him that she recalled a past moment when she saw her mother for the first time. Naira said Kairav is very strong, and he has forgiven him. Then Naira told It is all because of Ridhima.

Naksh distributed sweets among everyone. Kiriti asked Naksh for what reason today he is happy so much. They made a plan of going to Mumbai and meet them. Naksh thought of removing the gap between Gayu and another family.

Naira and Kartik were discussing how she will come to him and how Kairav will react to her. Naira was excited to meet Kairav and asked Kartik that how many hours are still left.

Kairav was standing in the garden with balloons, and suddenly Naira came and hugged him. Kairav wakes up and got to that he was dreaming. Then Kartik informed that within half an hour they will be arriving. Kairav went downstairs and told Kartik to come. Naira arrived there in a taxi and was excited. A police jeep also arrived along with Naira’s taxi.

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