Anupamma 15 December 2020 Written Update – Rakhi threatens Anupama

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj washes his hand saying that after so long he ate so will. Vanraj notice that there is no towel. He sees Anupama and says there is no towel. Anupama apologizes and says she didn’t have any idea that he came otherwise she put the towel here. Anupama further says that after this when he came then don’t come with the lie. Vanraj says Anupama leaves it, he goes to Paritosh saying that he needs to talk to him. Babuji says Anupama is a nice daughter. She bears everything all alone.

Samar says still Vanraj never loses a chance to hurt her. Vanraj says to Paritosh that Rakhi is a very vicious woman she always wanted to break this Rishta and she got a chance. Paritosh says this time Rakhi is not wrong. Even Vanraj and Lila did the same if they see Parmod with someone else. He says Vanraj can’t do anything as before too he didn’t do anything as always Anupama handled everything. He says Anupama is not educated well enough but still knows how to handle things. Vanraj shouts at him.

Paritosh says he only knows to raise his voice to shut others. Paritosh leaves while Anupama came. Vanraj asks if she overhears them. She says no, she just wants to check Paritosh thus she came here. She asks how is Paritosh. Vanraj says he is in bad condition. Anupama thinks to have a word with Paritosh. While she gets a call from Kavya who asks for Vanraj. She handover the phone to Vanraj. Kavya asks him why he went to Sasha’s.

Vanraj says he came here to handle Paritosh and ask her if he can come to her. But he hears Anirudh and decides that he will spend his night at the hotel. Kavya says she can’t lose Vanraj. She asks Anirudh to leave her. Anirudh says he will never leave her as she belongs to him only and he will get her from Vanraj soon. Paritosh is suffering. Anupama thinks that she will talk to him later. While Samar and Nandni have their eyes on Paritosh.

Samar says love always hurts. Nandni says right. Samar asks her to share with him if she is suffering because of love. He will not judge her. Paritosh comes to Samar and asks him to help him. He wants to meet Nandni at any cost. Samar says he can’t meet her now. Paritosh says he knows nothing he just wants to meet her now. Samar says fine. Later in the morning, Rakhi calls Anupama and asks where is her daughter. Anupama says she doesn’t know.

Rakhi says her son runaway with Kinjal. She threatens Anupama that she will bring the police. Anupama calls Samar she asks him where is Paritosh. Samar tells her that Paritosh went to meet Kinjal yesterday night and didn’t come back. Everyone is shocked. Later Samar calls Vanraj and tells him about Paritosh. Vanraj comes to his house. He scolds Anupama while Rakhi came to their house with Police and asks for her daughter.

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