Shaadi Mubarak 15 December 2020 Written Update – Preeti questions KT

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti asks KT why he brought Nandni here and Arjun asks him to do so then why he listens to him silently. He doesn’t even tell her about it also lied to the family that she knew everything. She starts scolding KT. She says KT always do things without having a second thought. He always wants to hurt Nandni but in that process, he hurt himself. KT shut her mouth and says he knows what he is doing. Once Arjun comes close to him he forgets about his mother and at that time Nandni feels the pain of loneliness.

Preeti asks if he is out of his mind still wants to grab Arjun close to him to hurt Nandni. If he wants to give his love to Arjun they do it but don’t do it to get his revenge or else Nandni destroy them both. KT says Nandni destroyed him already so now he didn’t care about it also she can’t destroy them as there is nothing between them. Arjun asks his mom if now she can give him full marks to which Nandni says no, not yet. He needs to more. He needs to bring his mom to KT’s room that is when she gives him full marks. Arjun says soon he will get it.

Nandni smiles and says yes of course. Later Arjun arrives at the dining table. The family member didn’t come. Arjun says maybe they still didn’t accept him. KT says he will bring them. He goes to Shivraj and others. He asks them to bear Nandni for Arjun. Shivraj asks if KT can bear Nandni? KT says yes he can bear her for his son. Shivraj says fine then he too can handle Nandni for KT and Arjun. Shivraj asks everyone to let’s go. Ahead, Shivraj asks Preeti to sit next to KT. Preeti is about to go.

But Nandni tricks her and makes herself comfortable by sitting next to KT. Preeti thinks why this thing is pitching her. KT also thinks the same but did nothing for the sake of Arjun. Nandni thinks KT can do anything for his son which is good for her. Nandni asks KT to pass rice to her. KT gives her rice while she touches his hand which makes Preeti uncomfortable. Later KT asks Preeti to show Nandni as they love each other even to though she doesn’t love him but still does it to burn Nandni. He asks if she will help him. Preeti nods. KT thanks her and leaves. Preeti notices someone in her room. She thinks who is here? She got some piece of jewelry.

She takes some steps forward and finds Nandni. She asks her why she is here. Nandni says what she is doing here? Preeti says she is KT’s wife thus she is here. Nandni shows her jewelry and tells her that all these are gifted by KT. She asks if KT gives her something which she owns fully. Preeti says she has this Shaadi and KT. Nandni says this Shaadi is a lie. She breaks their wedding photo. Preeti shouts what she is doing. Nandni says she owns KT as he only loves her. She asks her to forget KT. Preeti says KT only hates her. Nandni says no, he is only upset and soon he will accept her. Preeti says this can never happen as he only hates her and brought her here only because of Arjun.

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