Kundali bhagya 16 December 2020 Written Update – Kareena plots against Preeta

At the beginning of the episode, Rakhi tells Preeta and Karan about their Manali trip. Karan says there is no need. Rakhi says Karan and Preeta are newlywed so they need to spend some more alone with each other. And if they stay then they only focus on the family issues so it is necessary for them to take some off days to get some peace and calm. She asks them to take this trip as their wedding gift from her. Preeta says but there no need as people go on their honeymoon to understand each other but she and Karan already know each other very well. Karan says exactly, that what I want to say.

Rakhi says she knows nothing she just knows that Preeta and Karan will go for their honeymoon. She asks Girish to pack Karan’s stuff. Preeta excuse herself saying that she needs to do some kitchen work. She leaves while Karan follows her. He ask why she didn’t thank him? Preeta asks and why will she thank him? Karan because he saved her from Rakhi’s anger by laying to his mom. While Preeta ignores him and leaves the spot. Sameer smiles seeing Rakhi. Dadi asks why he is so happy. She teases him by saying that he is behaving like that he is going on his honeymoon. While Mahira is upset with Rakhi.

She asks Rakhi why she did that to her. How can she send Preeta and Karan alone for the Manali trip? Rakhi says they are a married couple so it’s their right to go and have some fun. Sameer tells Srishti about Preeta and Karan’s honeymoon trip. Srishti wants to tell this thing to her mom but couldn’t as she gets shy. Srishti gets an idea she calls Preeta and asks her mom to have words with Preeta. Preeta then tells her about her honeymoon trip. Sarla becomes happy she says she will give Preeta her handmade shawl.

Karan notice Preeta. He thinks why Preeta’a’s behavior gets so strange after that honeymoon talk. He asks her what’s wrong with her why she is behaving like so. Preeta becomes shy and is unable to say anything. Karan wants to tease her more and says they can spend some alone time there. There will be no one who can disturb them. There Mahira is angry with Rakhi. She says to Sherlyn that she was happy when she gets to know that Karan and Preeta didn’t sleep in one room. But Rakhi spoiled her mood by giving them that damn honeymoon voucher. Sherlyn says what if this honeymoon brings Karan and Preeta close.

Kareena comes there. She says and what happens if Karan enjoys his honeymoon with Mahira. She asks Mahira if she can do anything for Karan. Mahira says yes she can. Kareena asks Mahira and Sherlyn to go to Manali to spoil Preeta’s honeymoon. She asks Sherlyn to help Mahira with it. Later Srishti arrives at Luthra’s house to give Preeta a shawl. She gives that to her. Rakhi blesses the duo and says have a safe and happy journey.

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