Kumkum bhagya 16 December 2020 Written Update – Abhi and Pragya lays in a tough spot

At the beginning of the episode, Meera thinks if Pragya is a bad woman then why Abhi still loves her. She thinks that Abhi loves Pragya with full honesty and blindly. She notices the moist eyes of Pragya and thinks what if she is unable to make Abhi happy after marriage. Aliya consoles her by saying that she will handle everything you just make Abhi stay away from Pragya. Meera says fine then she notices some men with guns. She thinks what are they doing here? She goes behind them but stops when her phone gets damaged.

There Tony put his gun on Amit. Amit says why he did this to him. He adds that he broke his trust. Tony smirks. While his men say that they steal everything. Pragya is thinking about Prachi. She wants to find her. Abhi, Riya, and Sarita hide from goons. Sarita asks Abhi about his marriage. He says he will tell her everything later. He asks about Pragya. Sarita says with Pragya, Sahana and Prachi too are missing. Abhi asks Sarita to take care of Riya. She nods. One lady wants to break the chain of goons while the guard shoots at goon who drops his gun and Amit takes the necklace from him. Prachi and Sahana hear gun shooting sounds. Prachi wants to go to find her mom and Sarita while Sahana stops her saying that they first need to make a plan.

Abhi wants to save Pragya and others. Riya asks him to hide with them and don’t go anywhere. Abhi says he needs to save their family. He goes. Riya also goes behind him while Sarita gets stuck. Goons run behind Amit to get the necklace. While Pragya comes to Prachi and asks girls to hide. Meera is about to go outside while people ask her to don’t go as it is dangerous. Amit put the necklace in the locker. Tony comes there and asks Amit where is the necklace. He runs away. Tony gets to know that Amit put the necklace in the locker. He sets behind him again.

There, Aryan notice sad Ranbir. He asks him to fight for his love if he wants happiness. Ranbir says he can’t fight as in front of him it’s his mom who is standing against his love. They then got the news about the jewelry shop. Ranbir says everyone is at that shop. They leave from there. Abhi comes to Pragya. Pragya asks about Riya. He says she is safe with Sarita while Riya came. Later Amit asks Abhi to help him. Abhi and Amit then set out from there with others but Tony came with his men. He asks for the key. He put Prachi at gunpoint to get the key. Pragya says she will tell him about the key.

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