Qurbaan Hua 16 December 2020 Written Update – Neel saw a nightmare

At the beginning of the episode, Neel took Chahat to a safe place, then he called Bhopu and asked him to send a car as soon as possible. Neel wiped Chahat’s face and told her that we had won the fight between love and Hate. Neel told us we both would prove Dr. Baigh innocent, and then we both go far from here. Then Neel hugged Chahat and calmed her. Suddenly Neel noticed blood in his hand and then he saw a Knife which was stabbed on Chahat’s back and then he pulled out that and Chahat fell on his Laps and said Love lost the game due to religions and closed her eyes. Neel shouted Chahat’s name loudly, and he came out of his nightmare and realized that all were his dream. Then he thought he would not allow Chahat to reveal her identity and ran from there.

Vyas Ji asked Chahat that why she is wearing a Burkha Chahat was about to say something, suddenly Neel came I between and said he advised her to come here. Suddenly Aelkh shouted that Dr. Baigh regained his consciousness. Alekh told police that there is no benefit in leaving him alive and said they to kill him. Neel stopped them and said he is not able to stand and then removed his shirt and showed his injury and tried to prove him innocent.

Vyas Ji came and agreed to Neel’s statement but told the police he is surely a murderer of my daughter. Neel Advised them to take him to the hospital after he gets recovered, then you can punish him. Vyas Ji told Chahat that he has to discuss something important with you at home.

Godambhari told Alelk that after recovery, he would try to prove that he had not killed Saraswati as She was in an injured condition when Aelkh brought her to him.

Godambhari threw one bucket of eater on Chahat to purify her as she wore a Muslim dress. Neel took a stand for her, but she told Neel not to support her too much. Godhmbhari was about to throw the second bucket suddenly, Vyas Ji stopped her and said Chahat wore that dress to deliver justice for Sarawati by risking her own life. Vyas Ji praised Chahat for her bravery and said he doubted you for a while when he saw you on that dress, and for that Vyas, Ji took a bucket and poured all water on himself.

Chahat was about to confess, but Neel stopped her and said, her to keep quiet and stay here. Chahat said this guilt would kill me. Neel told her to keep calm. Neel acknowledged Chahat that his father confessed in front of him that he has not killed Saraswati and requested Chahat not to reveal her identity as he has to find the real culprit. Chahat hugged Neel tightly and cried.

Episode end

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