Choti Sarrdaarni 16 December 2020 Written Update – Sarab went out for food

At the beginning of the episode, Param told us that our new nest is so dirty and there is nothing inside this nest. Meher told Param that we all together make this home better. Param told first he wanted to eat something as he is feeling hungry. Sarab told him to worry as he will go and bring tasty food for him. As Sarab was going out, Meher stopped him and asked where he would get the food. Sarab told her that he will do some work, and buy food for us as I can not apply for any job because I promised Aditi that I will not make use of my name. Sarba went off and advised Meher to look after them.

Harleen called her lawyer and acknowledged him about the situation and said Sarab had not taken a single coin from this house, and now I don’t know where he is suffering from his situation. Vikram called his men and asked them about Sarab and his family. They told him that a wind Strom came, and after that, they were no more around us. Kulwant shouted on their men to get distracted from tracking them.

Meher started cleaning the house and advised Param not to touch anything. Suddenly Param came to Meher and said there is no electricity and no fan. Meher told him that we would arrange the things soon. Then Param noticed a shadow snd told Meher that he is feeling this place is suspicious. Meher told him nothing to fear as this place is safe and requested him to throw the dust at the corner, suddenly A box full of dust fell on Param, and he got scared and started shouting.

Meher rushed towards him. Vikram was giving over to his men that he needs Sarab information as soon as possible. Suddenly Aditi came and asked Vikram why he is not answering her call for so long as she is working for bis happiness. Vikram said he is not getting any happiness by throwing them out of the house. Vikram told Sarab is a good man, and this can not be denied, and he also gave you your status. And within 2 minutes you destroyed his life. Aditi told him that all she did for him.

Param hears a noise outside the house, and went out and noticed a few kids were buying ice cream, then he recalled his past moment. Sarab did some work and made free money. Some strangers were staring at Sarab.

Episode end

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