Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16 December 2020 Written Update – Ishani mocks Riddhima

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima hides before Kabir sees her. Kabir says he knows that Riddhima gets the blueprint of the house then she came here, these all things are connected and he will find out everything soon. Riddhima says she wants to know about photographs and only one person can give her all answers. She goes to Vihan. She shows him photographs and asks what is this? If you know Vansh? She asks him to give her an answer. Vihan grabs her hard. Riddhima says what are you doing? Vihan asks why she wants to know everything. He adds some secrets are so beautiful that they should be hidden.

Vihan says this secret will take you to the world which will make you lost. He knows that to get something we should give something, but don’t put your life at risk. He goes. Riddhima thinks why Vihan doesn’t want to tell her anything, anyway she will find out soon. She then hides the photograph so that no one can get their hand on it. Later, in the morning, she goes to take showers and finds out that the tap is not working. That’s when Vihan comes to help her. Riddhima says she will manage. But Vihan still tries to help her out and suddenly tap opens. Riddhima slips while Vihan handles her. He says happy birthday. He says he wishes that Riddhima always slips like that and he always handles her like that. Riddhima says and she wishes that she find the photograph secret soon.

Vihan says he doesn’t want to but he can’t see her in tension so as a gift he will tell her everything soon. He asks about photographs. She says she keeps that photo in a very safe place. Vihan says Vansh told him that VR house walls are not safe. People always keep their eyes on them. And now I am sure that you get your first answer that if he knows Vansh or not. Riddhima thinks it is true that Vansh used to say so. She goes to the locker and finds out that the photo is missing. Riddhima asks Vihan if he hides the picture. Vihan says no also why will he steal his own picture and if wants to then why will he warn her.

Riddhima thinks that Kabir the one who steals the picture and if dadi finds out about the photo then she can die. Later Riddhima asks Bappa to help her. Dadi comes and says Bappa will not help her. Riddhima imaging that Dadi gets to know about everything and tries to kill herself. But then Dadi breaks the dream of Riddhima and asks her first worship God and then God will help her. Later Dadi and Vansh give a gift to Riddhima. Then Riddhima cuts the cake and some red color liquid splashes on her face. Everyone thinks that its blood. Ishani smirks as she is the one who is behind this joke. Dadi asks Ishani what is this. Ishani says it’s just a cherry juice so chill. Later Dadi tells Riddhima that Kabir wants to throw her birthday party.

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