Shakti 16 December 2020 Written Update – Heer worshipped for Heer and Virat

At the beginning of the episode, Angel welcomes the guest while a Kinnar asks Heer why she is not getting ready. Heer says she doesn’t want to do anything. Kinnar says this girl made her mind blown out. Angel asks to burn her face. Angel asks Heer if she can burn her. Heer says sure do it. Her Virat didn’t love her face he loves her soul. Angel asks her to stop her mellow drama. She takes Heer out and asks her to change her clothes in this in front of everyone. Heer gets shocked. There Virat is on his way to find Heer. Heer says she will not change.

Angel asks what? She shouts out loud and says she will not wear these clothes. Angel takes one kinnar who tried to help Heer. Angel says if Heer didn’t get ready then she will kill her. Heer says fine. There, Parmeet asks Sant where is Virat? Sant asks her not to worry as he went to find Heer and he is a lion so don’t worry nothing can happen to him. Parmeet says and what if something happens to him. Preeto arrives there and says nothing can go wrong with Virat.

They will worship God and God will bring Virat and Heer here safely. Gurminder says yes they need to do this as they did it before when Virat jumped from the cliff. There Angel says now girls will do the catwalk. Everyone does as Angel says but Heer stands still with moist eyes. Angel asks her to go. She put Kinnar under a knife and force Heer to go on the catwalk. Heer doesn’t want to hurt Kinnar so she does as Angel said. While Virat arrives at goa beach. Virat thinks that the place is the same but there is no mall.

There Angel force girls to dance. Preeto is worshiping for her children. Virat asks people about party spot. People cover Virat. While Angel sells the girls. Angel then ask the guest to enjoy more as now she will show them a masterpiece of her. There Virat beat the goons. Here Kinnar pushes Heer on stage. Heer thinks where is Virat.

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