Namak Issk ka 16 December 2020 Written Update – Chamcham came to know about Yug’s past

At the beginning of the episode, Chamcham performed a small roadshow and then collected money from the crowd, suddenly her money fell, and she started collecting them, and suddenly Yug came across him and stared at her.

Nellawati burned all the photographs which were proof of her crime. Yug asked Chamcham that what she is doing on this road. Chamcham showed her documents and then said every citizen has the right to come to Mumbai and then said first she would pick her money, then she will move from here. Yug taunted her and told her that this is your reality picking money from the ground. Neelawati took a knife and started scaring Ravikanth with it. Neelawati took Ravikanth’s wheelchair near the stairs and pushed her downstairs. Then set started her acting of being innocent.

Chamcham got an emergency and told her kid that she has to go as something important occurred. Lucky insisted she not to go anywhere as he is scared of being alone. Then Chamcham recalled her past moment how a boy tried to lock all his fear in the lock, and she copied that idea and applied it on Lucky.

Rupa called Hug and told him to come fast. Rony noticed Chamcham entering his house with a mask. Yug asked the doctor about his current situation. The doctor replied now he is stable. Neelawati started acting and took all blame on her and said because of her carelessness all this happened. The doctor said today I am leaving my assistant for monitoring. Rony heard trust and thought of hiding himself from Chamcham or else she will get to know that I am Rupa’s husband. Rony noticed Chamcham coming towards him, and he hid under the slab.

Chamcham asked the maid about the history of this house. Then she Nishikant and Ravikanth was good friends and business partners too. Then this family becomes all together. Then Ravikanth meets with an accident, and Nishikant left this house. Then Chamcham said the court is ready and went with it. Rups fed soup to Ravikanth, but he as bitt having it. Rupa insisted him to have this soup as the doctor has advised him to take medicine at right time.

Yug started playing the piano, and every one of the family gathered with Ravikanth. Listing to its music Ravikanth got happy and ate the took the soup. Chamchsmy was confused about why she was getting tears in her eyes. Chamcham saw Yug and thought for the outer world he is very hard, and for his family too soft in nature.

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