Barrister babu 16 December 2020 written update – Mini tries to harm Bondita

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh says to Trilochan that today Bondita is going to create history she is the first girl who is going to get an education, and soon other girls too get an education like her. Trilochan smiles seeing Anirudh happy. He then calls Bondita and asks her to come. Bondita says she is here but feels shy to come forward. Trilochan asks why? Anirudh says today Bondita wears a school dress so she feels shy to come in front of him.

Anirudh asks Bondita to come. Bondita shows herself in her school uniform. Trilochan mesmerizes seeing her. He says she looks adorable but this dress is quite short. Anirudh asks Trilochan not to say so. Trilochan says okay fine. Trilochan says but Bondita after you came from school then wear your saree. Bondita nodes.

Batuk notices that Bondita didn’t wear her shoes. Anirudh brings it for her and asks to put her feet on his lap. Trilochan asks Anirudh not to touch Bondita’s feet. Anirudh says she is his wife and when Bondita does anything for him then he can do anything for her. Mini watching them with the help of a telescope. Before leaving Bondita touches Trilochan’s feet. He blesses her. Mini says Bondita you want to go to school, go then, as today she will teach her lesson.

There, Sorav tells his father that he is going to Kolkata for Sampoorna. His father asks him not to leave them. Brij forces Sampoorna to stop Sorav from going. She adds that only rich people like Anirudh can handle their dream. We are small people we don’t deserve to see such a high dream. She asks Sampoorna to do something. Sampoorna ask Sorav to come with her. He goes behind her. There Bondita is happy. She is sitting with Batuk in the car. She recalls Gandhi Ji and Anirudh’s words. Also, recall how she spent some good time at school. She asks Batuk if everyone comes by car. Batuk says no, some people come by using the bike and some people come by walking. Bondita says they will too go to school with the help of a bike. Batuk says no, he can’t drive a bike for her. Bondita says don’t worry she wi drive for him. Batuk says but she is a girl. Bondita says so what? Didn’t Anirudh tell them that girl can do everything? That’s when their car stop. Bondita looks forward. They notice a huge stone. Batuk asks Bondita to stay here. He goes with the driver to remove the stone. While Mini kidnapped Bondita. When Batuk notice that Bondita is nowhere, he shouts for her.

Mini says Bondita brings problems to her life so today she will end her. She says and today even Anirudh can’t save her. In fact, she kills her in front of him. And he will only see dying Bondita. Batuk tells Anirudh that Bondita is lost. Anirudh asks if he notices someone else at that spot. Batuk says yes, he saw a jaduwali there. That is when throwing a latter towards Anirudh. Anirudh reads it and finds out that Bondita is in a chemical factory. He thinks that only Mini can do so. And today he will not leave her.

There, Sampoorna asks Sorav not to leave her. Sorav says she doesn’t want to learn music. She says yes but she wants him more than anything. He says he will come soon and he hugs her while Mini executes her plan of killing Bondita. Anirudh comes to save Bondita. Mini says you come so soon but you can’t save your wife. Anirudh tries to save Bondita.

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