Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 16 December 2020 Written Update – Sai taunted Pakhi for keeping an eye on his husband

At the beginning of the episode, everyone was insisting on Sai to reveal why she went outside. Sai told me the way you all are asking me now I would not reveal anything to anyone. Ashwini asked Sai that she not felt important to inform me. Sai told me you were not present in the house or else I would surely inform you before going. Usha started telling everyone why she went outside, but Sai stopped her and said, her not to reveal anything. Pakhi said, what was so important that you went to Virat’s office. Sai told Pakhi not to interfere between a husband and wife and told her to stay away from it.

Sunny also insisted Sai reveal why she went there as everyone is worried. Suddenly Virat came, and Baba told Virat that Sai has complained about you to your seniors. Ashwini took a stand from Sai and said she could not do anything like this. Uska also said that she could not go against Virat. Sai told If everyone has decided that why I went to Headquarter them, I am leaving for my room and requested Ashwini to send food for her in the Usha room. Virat stopped Sai and acknowledged everyone about that case, and Sai went there to save me, and because of her, all allegations are cleared. Ashwini told, she was very sure that she could not go against her family and hugged Sai. Sai requested Ashwini to give her food or else she will go out to eat. Ashwini joined her hand and told her not to talk about going outside.

Usha was giving Champy to Sai and complaining that these days you do not listen to me. Uska requested Sai to behave properly with others, but Sai said I would behave hoe others will behave with me. Uska insisted Sai go and sleep with Virat, but she denied it. Suddenly Usha noticed the shadow of Virat and made her notice too. Then Sai went and opened the door and asked Virat to say.

Virat said, Sai to come with her to his room as he wanted to talk about something important, but Sai went. Inside and settled down. Then Usha scared Sai by saying she saw a big lizard then Sai jumped and stood on the table then Usha told her to go with Vuratt as she will tackle it. While Sai and Virat were going to their room, Pakhi stopped them and told him that this was your important work, as he said to her when I came to you. Pakhi told Pakhi is feeling bad that we both are going together to sleep. Pakhi asked Sai how dare she talked with me like this. Sai told her to go and sleep and not to keep an eye on others husband. Pakhi said, Sai to be within your limits and asked Virat to say Sai not to talk with me like this. Virat advised Pakhi that you should go back to his room and sleep. Pakhi went to her room and Sai too.

Episode end

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