Yeh Hain Chahtein 16 December 2020 Written Update – Preesha took her revenge on Rudraksh

At the beginning of the episode, Sharadha went to Balraj and informed him that Balraj got the location, and he went there in very much aggression. Rudkraksh reached the location and saw Preesha and Yuvraj were taking rounds of their marriage. Sharadha and Balraj also reached there. Rudkraksh started beating Yuvraj, and Pressha told Rudkraksh to stop beating him as he is my husband. Rudkraksh got surprised and was unable to understand the situation.

Rudkraksh was not accepting the truth and telling it a lie. Preesha said to him you only told me that it’s very hard to forget the first love, so I married him. The organizer of the party was searching for Rudkraksh and Preesha for the cake cutting. Suddenly Shardha noticed Mahima is missing from the party. Rudkraksh told Preesha not to lie as I know you love me. Preesha said I live him not you that’s why I never confessed my love. Rudkraksh asked her why she did this with me. Preesha told me because I wanted to take revenge on you. Sharadha came and slapped her and said how can you do this to him as he fought with the whole family for you. He is the only one who loved you so much and gave you space in the Khurana house.

Rudkraksh said this marriage is illegal as he is his husband legally. Pressha said I am not such a fool that without divorce I will do a second marriage and gave divorce papers to Rudkraksh and said, him to check. Rudkraksh got confused seeing his signature then Preedha acknowledges to him that how she mixed these papers with the bills and got his signature. Rudkraksh told me Everyone was right you just wanted to take revenge from me. Preesha accepted and said first she created faith, and then I took my revenge. Yuvraj dragged Rudkraksh backward and went and stood with Preesha and warned him not to touch her wife again. Gps called Mahaima, and then she called them to that location. Saranash asked Gps about Preesha and Rudkraksh. Rudkraksh pushed Yuvraj and started breaking the decorations.

Preesha shouted and said Rukdkrash not to create a scene over here. Rudkraksh told her that she had created a scene of my life. Preesha said I had snatched everything from you including your love and property in exchange for the torture which you did with me the whole year. Shardha announced at the party that due to some emergency party is canceled. Preesha said I had betrayed you by taking your signature on property papers and divorce papers, and now my revenge is completed.


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