Yeh Hain Chahtein 15th Aug : Saransh and Rudra in same school

Star Plus show Yeh Hain Chatein is glueing everybody well on screen. In the previous episode, we saw Preesha is happy that Saransh didn’t cheat and passed the exams on his own. But Ahana made sure he didn’t get admissions because his parents are not educated. Then Rudra asks Preesha is well educated but Ahana says Rudra isn’t.

In today’s episode, we see Ahana is talking with Principal and shouted at her because she passed Saransh with flying colors. And she gives valid reasons and Ahana understood the reason and put away the phone call. Amma shouts at jeweller for the gold she wants to see. The jeweller is making excuses that the guy isn’t there who have the keys and so they have to wait. Amma is adamant to see the ornaments now, she gives police warning also. The jeweller got scared. Appa says why to trouble him. Saransh got admitted in school. But different one.

Jeweller returned with the keys and show Amma her necklace there. Amma is shocked. Then FB is shown how Ahana returned the necklace to him. Saransh is sad for going to the new school, Rudra sees this and promise to himself he will get Saransh in his old school. Ahana says he she will bring toys as he will have free time. Preesha says she has got him admitted in the new school. Saransh and Rudra got admission in the same school. Rudra says school authorities have allowed. Then the precap scene repeats. Balraj raises his hand on Rudra, Preesha holds his hand. Episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, we shall see Preesha says how dare he raises his hand on Rudra then Balraj asks who is she to interfere to which Preesha says she is his wife. Rudra shocked.

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