Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 15aug : Shayari is in trouble

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka always managed to grab the attention of the audience with its high voltage drama.

Shayari wakes up from sleep and finds herself in a different place.  Then there comes Ammi and Bhuva.  Ammi asks Shayari if she is alright.  Shayari says what happened to her.  Ammi says she was unconscious and Rehan brought her home.  Then they leave.  Shayari thinks of thanking Rehan.  Rehan is talking to someone on the phone.  Shayari comes to him and thanks to him as well as apologizes.  Rehan says he is not interested in talking with her.  Rehan says that he has also given her a salary of 6 months which will be a punishment for her.  Then Rehan sends Shayari for some office work.  The night was intense and the way deserted.  Shayari is nervous and asks 2 men about the place where Rehan sent her.  Those men are crooks and harass Shayari.

Rehan calls Khanna and asks him to take care of Shayari but Khanna can’t listen to him clearly and Rehan disconnects the phone.  Further, Rehan, Aman, and Roshni are worried about the dagger.  Rubina informs them that the hunter who came to know that Rehan’s shield is this dagger.  And now they have to be careful.  There Shayari is calling Rehan but Rehan does not pick up the phone.  And thinking about Farhan.  Roshni consoles him and says that Farhan will return soon.  Rehan then asks Roshni if ​​Roshni tells Aman the truth of Kala Jin?  Roshni says not yet but she will tell soon.

Shayari also tries to call Roshni but none picks up her phone.  The goons also find Shayari and Shayari escapes and runs away.  Rehan tells Roshni that Farhan had promised him that if he is about to get married, he will stop him.   Roshni says if Rehan will get married and Farhan knows this then he will come to stop the marriage.  Aman and Rehan like this idea.  Rehan thinks to propose to Natasha because she is his girlfriend.  Natasha thinks of making him wear a magic ring to get Rehan away from the dagger.  Rehan then arrives there and Natasha is shocked to see him.  Rehan proposes to her for marriage.  Natasha says yes and thinks this opportunity is good for her to make him wear the ring.

Further, Roshni calls Rehan and informs that Shayari called her many times.  Rehan then checks his phone and sees that he too has received Shayari’s calls.  He calls Shayari.  Shayari strikes the man’s head there.  The same Rehan is worried and starts searching for Shayari.  Further, Rehan reaches where Shayari is.  And beats those men a lot.  On the other hand, Aman eats salad due to which he becomes ill.

Will Aman be cured?  Will Roshni be able to fight with Black jin?  Will Rehan know about Shayari’s dark past?

All these questions will be answered by upcoming episodes.  Stay in this place to know what is going to happen in your favorite show Yeh Jadoo Hai.

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