Yeh Hain Chahtein 16 November 2020 Written Update : Rudraksh gets punished

At the beginning of the episode, Preesha gets angry on seeing protection and scolds Rudraksh for ordering this. Rudraksh tried to explain to him that he has not told for such a thing. Preesha told Rudkraksh to sleep on the couch. Rudraksh feels irritated with that manager and thought of beating him next time when he will come across.

Yuvraj collected information about Preesha and Rudkraksh’s stay by misguiding him and booked a room beside their room. The next morning Preesha woke up and saw Rudkraksh was missing, then she noticed Rudkraksh was sleeping on the balcony. Preesha went near her and kissed her and slowly said she would not tell those magical words so quickly.

Rudkraksh woke up and started teasing Preesha by telling them that they will not go out anywhere and spent their honeymoon inside the room. Ahana and Miskha thought that what Yuvraj will do this time with them.

Then Ahana called and asked him about that what is his plan against Preesha and Rudkraksh. Stranger lady came and instructed Yuvraj not to leak any information about us to anyone. Rudkraksh and Preesha went to the garden to watch the greenery. Rudkraksh was teasing Preesha over there by romancing with her. Rudkraksh gets irritated and told Preesha that he is irritated by seeing this greenery.

Rudkraksh thought of teasing Preesha by flirting with any other girl. Preesha was getting irritated and angry with Rudkraksh, dragged him aside, scolded him for flirting with the tour guide, and forced him to go boating.

Yuvraj, with that stranger lady, was following Rudraksh. Yuvraj told that lady that it’s the correct time to meet them, but the lady denied. Preesha thought of teasing Rudkraksh by parsing the other man over there and taking his help to get on the boat.

Rudraksh gets jealous and grasped Preesha and told that man to leave. Rudkraksh Preesha were Boating on the lake. Preesha thought in her mind of teasing Rudkraksh more as he did.

Episode end

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