Nagin5 15 November 2020 written update – Bani’s new enemy arrives in her life

At the beginning of the episode, Bani brings her housemates to Balwant’s home. When Balwant sees this, he is shocked and Bani tells him that her family will stay here from now on. Balwant denies this. He says that this house belongs to him, so no one can impose their decision on him without asking him. Veer interrupts and says he agrees with Bani’s decision. Next, Meera and Bani discuss the dinner while Balwant is angry with Bani because she is doing what she wants to do without his permission.

Meher asks Pankaj about Monil, on which Pankaj becomes unhappy but the next moment he starts talking sweetly with her. Tapesh brings Ritu to the guest room. Bani thanks Veer as he helps her. Veer says it is not needed. Jai asks Bani why she brought her family here. Bani says that with the help of her family, she will find out who killed Monil. Jai tells this to Markhat and is shocked to see her face. Panditine says that Satruji is going to come, she is Bani’s enemy and now more difficulties are going to arise for Bani.

Veer goes to his mother but when he cannot find his mother, he gets worried and informs Bani. Markhat asks Jai if he is with her. Jai says yes. Markhat tells Jai to hide that she is against eagles.

Veer and Bani seek Veer’s mother. His mother meets him outside. She tells him that she was nervous, so she came out. Veer notices an injury to his mother’s hand and gives her chocolate. He tells that his mother loves chocolate and she used to eat his chocolate too. Bani smiles seeing both of them together. While Meher, Kehar, Pankaj, and Daksh are leaving for the party. Tapesh tries to stop them but they do not listen to her.

Meera is also present there and explains that her sister always ignores Ritu’s words too. Panditain tells the story of Satruji and says that she has come to gain powers and Bani is unaware of all this. Jai reunites with Markhat. Markhat tells that she wants to eliminate Bani.

Later, Bani starts losing control of herself and takes the form of a serpent. Her body starts burning. Veer helps her to ease her pain. After a while, Bani feels relief. Bani and Veer go to their mother and Meera is passing by. Veer’s mother tells Bani that her life is in danger but Bani ignores it. The party starts and the work at the party is happening as Jai wants.

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