Kundli bhagya 16 November 2020 Written Update : Bani dadi reveals the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Kareena scolds Dadi as to why she made such a big move due to the fight between Sarla and Ramona. Dadi wants to tell Kareena something but before she says something Kritika interrupts her and agrees with Kareena’s statement, while denies Dadi’s decision.

Kareena says that both Mahesh and Rakhi are not well and on top of that the grandmother is creating trouble by putting her life at risk. Also says that if Grandma wanted to stop Ramona and Sarla’s fight, then she had to find some other solution instead of this. Dadi tells Kareena to be silent and tells that she did all this drama to stop the fight. She adds that she did not put on kerosene but water. Kareena and Kritika are stunned to hear this. Kareena calls Dadi Drama Queen and says that Karan too is like her. And if her daughter-in-law comes to know, they too will start doing such dramas.

Grandma tells her to hide this thing and tells Kritika to call the Karan. Srishti and Sarla are waiting for the taxicab to go home. Ramona notices them and deliberately blows mud on Sarla in her car. Seeing this, Srishti gets angry and she attacks Ramona’s car with a stone. Ramona scolds Srishti for this. The two begin to fight.

Sarla tries to stop Srishti and takes her from there. Dadi tries to make Karan understand that now he has to take care of Preeta and treat her well. Karan asks Dadi why she has been talking like this. Dadi tells him that she has promised Rakhi that she will make the festival of Karvachauth well. Karan promises her that he will do what Grandma wants.

Sherlyn praises Mahira and says that she is a wonderful player. Mahira says she will take all the happiness from Preeta. Srishti tells Janaki about the incident in the Luthra house and says that Preeta is just like Sarla.

Preeta and Karan talk about Ramona and Sarla, in which Karan supports Sarla and tells her right. At the same time, he also tells Preeti wrong for not fighting on this issue. He deliberately tries to trouble Preeta and Preeta understands what Karan is trying to do.

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