Nagin5 14 November 2020 written update- Veer meets his long lost mother

The episode begins with Bani rescuing the woman who is imprisoned in the basement. At first, the woman refuses to seek help from Bani, but Bani frees her from captivity despite her refusal. Then Balwant is upset because of Monil’s death and asks who dared to do this. Bani thinks who killed Monil when she is here. She tells the woman to wait for her and leaves.

Balwant says that Bani has harmed Monil. Daksha shouts at her. Veer stops him. Balwant accused Veer for supporting Monil’s killer. Bani says she did not kill him nor do they have any evidence against her. Bani also confesses that she definitely wanted to kill Monil because he and Pankaj together harassed Noor and killed her. But before she can do anything to them someone else killed him. Bani also tells Veer is also the reason behind Noor’s death.

Balwant says that it is clear that Bani is behind Monil’s death. Bani refuses. Balwant is going to attack her. Veer and Tapesh stop him. Balwant gets angry, he tells Veer that he is madly in love. Veer tells him that Jai too can be behind all this. Balwant says then he will kill Bani first and then Jai. Shukla defends Jai and says he did not kill Monil as he is in his room.

Jai comes and says that he has killed him. Shukla says he is lying. Balwant also agrees with him. Bani further states that she had gone to save a woman who is imprisoned by Balwant. She brings Veer to the woman. Veer gets emotional on seeing her and hugs the woman.

He reveals that this woman is his mother. He asks Balwant why he locked her mother. Further, Veer shows Bani his childhood picture. Bani calls him a good man. Veer is happy to hear this. While Jai gets annoyed by this thing.

Later, Balwant tells Bani that he made a mistake by freeing the woman. Nagin goes to Panditaine and asks for help. She advises Bani to help herself. Veer gives freedom to Bani and says she can leave from home. Bani refuses and says there is still some work left that she has to complete.

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