ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 14 November 2020 Written Update : Virat took responsibility of Sai

At the beginning of the episode, all were attending the Kamal funeral. Sai was crying continuously and feeling sad for him. Everyone told Virat to fire the pyre as Kamal was very close to him, and he was also with him at his last moment. Virat moved towards the pyre and opened his shoes.

Virat recalled how Kamal uses to train him, and suddenly Sai came and stopped him from doing so and told him that she fire the pyre and blamed Virat for his demise. Sai gave the fire to the pyre and recalling her past moment’s with Kamal and started screaming. Virat was remembering the promise which he gave to Kamal. All the ladies of the Chavan family were performing VatSavitri pooja.

Patralekha has gripped fast for Samrat he will be back quickly. Karishma says if you can’t control dryness you can sip water, I swear I won’t tell everyone. Are you running this fast for Samrat because everyone is seizing you? Ashwini answers if we think even a gem turns into God, here we are talking about Samrat.

Sai learns about her childhood days with Kamal. Police officers bring Kamal’s uniform. Sai is continuously crying. She holds her father’s dress and starts moaning loudly about how I will spend my life without you.

Virat replies I am also sad for Kamal. Sai says I don’t want to see him, tell him to go endlessly. Virat says Kamal was my coach. Sai says that’s why you killed him. You are his murderer, you gave him hope, and then you removed him.

Virat says you will obtain your thinking is faulty. Sai says I will favor dying than watch your face. Milind kaka takes bones from Virat. Sai says heavenly Kamal Joshi’s daughter is active she will do all rites. Virat says Sai wants to become a doctor now it is my burden.

Virat tells Sai won’t stay here, she will tarry in Nagpur medical college’s hospital. Milind says not just her education you should take whole care of Sai and look after her.

Episode end

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