Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14 November 2020 Written Update : Roshni and Aman win their last fight

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni escapes from Rubina’s trap. Aman stops her and asks where is Rubina. Roshni tells that she has escaped by dodging her but she is following her. Aman tells her that he has lost his powers and they have to hide to avoid Rubina. Roshni agrees, but then Rubina freezes Aman.

There Rehan and Shayari are caught in spider webs. Rubina tells Roshni that this time she will not let them win. Rubina asks Roshni for the heart. Roshni asks for help from Aman while Rubina constantly forces Roshni to hand her over. Roshni goes to Rubina. Rubina says she has waited for this day for 200 years. She calls her heart but her heart does not come out.

Rubina says if she has hidden her heart. She says no to Rubina. Rubina feels that her heart is with Armaan. She tries to get the heart out of Armaan’s chest. Roshni tries to stop her. But Rubina does not listen to her. Roshni sings her mother’s lullaby to get her courage back. Then a glow comes that blinds Rubina and Aman and Roshni run away from there.

While Shayari cuts the nets of the spider with the help of Jangemarmar powder. Aman and Roshni reach the Ayana corner. Now there only 3 minutes left for the golden sun. Rubina says that even 3 minutes is enough for her.

But the whole Junaid family stands in between Roshni and Rubina. And they tell Rubina that she can no longer spoil Roshni’s life. Rubina tells them that she will stop the golden sun with the help of her sister-in-law’s ring.

But Rubina notices that the ring is near Roshni. Roshni ends the golden sun with the help of a ring. Rubina loses. Ayana clans’ Ayana takes Rubina away from Roshni and Aman’s life. Rehan and Shayari also confess their love. Aman and Roshni are happy that the troubles have gone away from them.

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