Anupamma 14 November 2020 Written Update : Hanshmukh takes a big step

At the beginning of the episode, Leela buys utensils. She takes 12 cups and says that she should write the name of the couple on the cup. Such as Leela and Hansmukh, Vanraj, and Anupama. Vanraj laughs at this. Anupama advises that there are many cups in their house, so they should take paranthas, and names of householders will come in it. Leela agrees with her. There, Kavya takes a bracelet on Dhanteras and wants to share this thing with Vanraj, she calls him but he does not pick up her phone. She is upset thinking that now there is no relation between Vanraj and Anupama, then where is he busy.

Anupama tells everyone about Hanmukh’s medicine. Samar tells Anupama that 5 more new students have taken part in her online classes. Vanraj reminds Anupama that if she does not stop this drama, he will expel Samar from the house. Anupama says that she will take a dance class in Nandni’s house. Vanraj says he has no problem with it, he just does not want this drama in his house. Anupama says that this house is not his. Only his nameplate lingers on the door of this house which keeps falling again and again.

Further, at the festival of Dhanteras Hansmukh gives righteousness to everyone. And gives the papers of the house to Anupama and Vanraj and tells that this house is there from now on. Hashmukh adds from today not only this family but also this house is theirs. Dolly and Sanjay agree with Hanmukh’s decision. Sanjay praises this work of Hansmukh. While Vanraj does not like this decision of Hansmukh and he becomes unhappy. Hansmukh says that now when the house belongs to both, then they should also need to share the nameplate of this house.

Anupama says that all she needs is an elder’s blessing, not home. She returns the papers of the house to Hansmukh. But Hanshmukh refuses to take the papers and orders that she must accept these papers. Further, Vanraj curses Anupama to grab his house. Anupama tells him that she has no such desire that is why she came here to give his house back to him. She states that she does not want authority over this house. Vanraj is stunned.

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