Shaadi Mubarak 14 November 2020 Written Update : Kusum breaks up her friendship with Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti tells KT that she made a mistake by believing in him.  She curses him for lying.  And asks why he lied to her.  There, Kusum tries to convince Bhua that Preeti cannot do any such wrong act.  She adds that Preeti and KT have been very upset in life.  And they should put an end to the accusations against Preeti by making them both life partners.

Preeti tells KT that she lost her respect because of him.  Bhua tells Preeti that she can get that honor back.  She shows her the vermilion box and says its red color will remove the darkness on her honor.  She tells KT to put vermilion on Preeti’s forehead.  Preeti and KT get shocked.  Bhua says that this vermilion will make everyone’s mouth shut and will give Preeti her lost respect back.

Preeti says she cannot do this.  She had left the house only to get the honor not to get married.  And there is no illegal relationship between them so she cannot do it.  KT also says the same.  While Baldev questions Bhua on her decision.  Kusum tries to make Baldev understand that there is nothing wrong with this.  She asks Preeti and KT to think about it once.

Tarun interrupts her and curses her for making such unnecessary talk.  He asks her why she is speaking in hid home affairs.  Kusum says as being her friend she wants to do it.  Baldev supports Tarun saying that they all did wrong by giving Preeti the freedom.  Preeti gets angry seeing Kusum, Baldev, and Tarun and in a fit of anger and asks them to keep quiet.

Preeti says that she has no relationship other than partnership and she will also break this relationship with KT for the satisfaction of her house people.  She says that they had to organize a wedding which they will do and after that, she and KT will neither meet nor talk.

Further, Preeti Kusum and Juhi return to Udaipur.  Preeti tries to talk to Kusum.  But Kusum is angry with Preeti, so she does not talk to her.  Preeti tries to convince Kusum.  But Kusum breaks up her friendship with Preeti, which makes Preeti upset.

Sheena calls Preeti and reminisces her about the meeting and asks about KT.  Preeti says she doesn’t know anything about KT and disconnects the phone.  KT is upset at his house. He is remembering Preeti’s talk.  KT imagines as if a woman is taunting her. later KT’s mother calls him and asks him all the things in the village.  KT tells her mother that everything was good in the village. While KT gets hurt in his hand which makes his mother upset.

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