Yeh Hain Chahtein 25 November 2020 Written Update : Mahima attempt suicide

At the beginning of the episode, Everyone was worrying about Saransh at home, and suddenly Yuvraj came with Saransh holding his hands. Preesha ran and hugged him tightly. Everyone felt happy to see him. Preesha said she was very tensed about him and what if something would happen to him.

Rukdkrash Hugged Saransh and said, him not to repeat this. Rudraksh went to Yuvraj and asked him where he got Saransh, but Yuvraj taunted him only to know to beat me. Rudkraksh thanked Yuvraj for bringing Saransh back. Yuvraj asked and told them irresponsible for this incident. Yuvraj said, Rudkraksh to pay the bills for Saramsh chocolate’s and Ice-cream Rudkraksh opened his watch and gave him. While going, Yuvraj thought it was a waste coming here as he did not get any details. Rudkraksh shouted at Mahima for hurrying up and making Saransh cry. Rudkraksh said it would take time, and first, we have to prepare him mentally before saying anything to him anything.

Preesha stopped Rudkraksh and said to him that Mahima is Also worried for her. Mahima said he is correct; I have become a bit selfish and said she will not return and don’t want Saransh back and went off with Sharadha and Gps. Preesha was trying to explain to him that he should never do this again Saransh took a promise from Rudkraksh that they will stay with him. Rudkraksh took Saransh and Preesha to his room. Mahima was crying at home and recalling about Saransh and shared her past moment when she saw Saenahu for the first time.

Mahima was thinking about how Pressha would have felt when Saransh called Maa to her for the first time. Mahima finds Pressha lucky for having Saransh. Sharadha advice Mahima to rest and not to think so much. Rudkraksh apologies to Preesha for shouting at Mahima.

Preesha was worrying for Mahima that how she will manage. Sharadha took water for Mahima, saw Mahima lying unconscious on the bed, and noticed sleeping pills near her. Sharadha started panicking and Called Gps for help. Sharadha was sprinkling water on her face. Gps called Preesha and informed her that Mahiama tried to attempt suicide and asked her to come as soon as possible to the hospital. Rudkraksh woke up and went to the hospital with Rudkraksh.

Preesha reached the hospital and got to know about Mahima’s situation. The doctor came and said Mahima is not mentally healthy and advise them not to give any mental stress to him and discharged her.

Preesha helped Mahima to settle down. Mahima was feeling guilty to trouble Preesha like this. Mahima said she doesn’t have control over her mind, and she does this before also.

Episode end

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