Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 November 2020 Written Update : Naira tries to come close to Kairav

At the beginning of the episode, the Doctor said if Kairav took more stress, it would affect his health. The Doctor advised to keep him happy and stress-free. Naira was thinking that it was all because of her scolding and went to God and started crying and light up a Diva for Kairav, which vanished. Naira again lighted up and joined her hand and prayed to God for Kairav.

Kartik came and blamed Naira for all this. Kartik said, Naira to stay away from him unless he becomes normal. Suddenly Doctor urgently called Kartik. Badi Dadi was worrying abound Naira’s condition, and Naksh was calming her that Naira will manage everything. Badi Dadi said Naira has a bit of bad luck from her childhood hood Naira is suffering a lot. Naksh said Badi Dadi to stay calm and everything will get fixed soon.

Manish was worrying about the situation, and Kartik said Kairav had not done anything. Many said it could harm Kairav’s mental health. Surekha tries to take a stand for Naira, but Manish ignored and told to concentrate on children’s mental health. Naira made muffins for children and came across Gayu, and suddenly Naksh came from the main door and hugged Gayu, and said he had sent Vansh’s report to the specialist some good news will come soon. Naksh came near Naira, hugged her, and said the same thing to stay calm and everything would get back soon.

Naira told Naksh that she is responsible for all the situation and said both Kartik and Kairav both are angry with him. Naksh said, Naira to find any idea to fix back everything. Naira for motivating and thanked Naksh. Naira gave muffins to Naksh to give to the children, but Naksh said, him to go and give them by herself.

Manish and Surekha were worried about the current condition, and suddenly Kartik came, and Manish handed him both the project. Gayu heard this and went off in aggression. Afterward, Manish told Kartik that at a time, Gayu needs Samarth, so he is giving this to him.

Naira went to Kairav while he was sleeping and took a tissue paper to wipe his dirty hands. Suddenly Kairav blinked his eyes, and Naira immediately hid. Kairav woke up and noticed Muffins and started panicking and ran towards Kartik.

Episode end

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