Yeh Hain Chahtein 30 October : Preesha takes a stand

At the beginning of the episode, Preesha meets Sharda in the hospital. Sharada tells her that she had come here to get her medicines and asks her to go home together. Preesha says she will go to her parents’ house and meet them. Ahana and Mishka go near Rudraksh and apologizes for hiding the truth. Dr checks Neerja and tells Rahul that her brain has started working and asks Rahul who came to meet him today. Rahul takes the name of Preesha. The doctor says that he should call back here, and there is no more medicine for him than her.

Preesha was putting Rudraksh clothes and her books in the right place. Rudraksh tells her there is no need to act so well. Preesha goes up and tells her that it is her duty, so she is doing it no matter how wrong she is, but the truth Will not change and leaves from there.

Rahul calls Preesha and calls her to the hospital. Rudraksh, seeing the tie was missing in his uniform, goes to take it to form Preesha. he went to Preesha but didn’t find her in the room. He tries to contact her but does not get any response. There Preesha comes to know that Neerja is responding to her talk. Rahul apologizes to Preesha for everything. But Preesha says that she has promised Neerja that she will fix everything back soon.

Rudraksha starts drinking, and after a while, calls Yuvraj and tells him to make him talk to Preesha. After hearing this, Yuvraj thinks to provoke Rudraksha and makes him feel that Preesha is with him, And she does not want to talk to her and disconnects the phone. Rudraksh is very angry at this gesture.

When Preesha returns, Rudraksha tells her abusively and asks where did she go. Preesha tells Rudraksa about Neerja’s condition. Rudraksha does not believe in her words and accuses her of romance with Yuvraj Preesha is shocked to hear all this, and Rudraksha laughs loudly in a very drunk.

episode end

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