Qurbaan Hua 31 October : Gazala plans to kill vyas ji’s family

At the beginning of the episode, Vyas Ji praises the decoration of the house. Godhambhari said that all the decorations are done by Naveli. Neil brings enjoyment, and then Chahat descends the stairs. Niel was shocked to see Chahat in the given sari. Neil notices Chahat lives a bit of irony Chahat tells Neil that all the time was spent preparing for Jagrata, there is no time left for studies, and maybe she could not pass this exam. Neil gives a book to Chahat and says to Take care of Krishna and stud sitting near her. Ghazala sends a man to sing for Jagrata to Vyas Ji’s house.

Neel narrates the story of God to the rest of the house. On hearing this, Vyas Ji gets emotional and says that Neil will take care of his throne well as well as Vyas Ji says Neel has become clever after Chahat has come to this home. Vyas Ji wants Chahat to join the puja. Neil makes some excuse that Chahat will sit away and record it.

The singer says that before, Jagrata he has to take a bath. Vyas Ji sends him to the guest house, and after going there, he calls Ghazala, and Ghazala tells him to burn incense in the Jagrata. Which will kill the whole family and take care, That Chahat is not around and keeps her ID card in the hands of one so that all the arrangements come on the head of the Chahat.

Vyas Ji said Chahat to bring hot milk for everyone. There Neil tells Bhupendra that he will sleep in the cowshed today and will see him there if the cow hurts or not. Chahat intentionally spills milk on Neil’s clothes and put him in another kurta in which he has sprinkled itching powder. Because she heard that Niel was, wishing to sleep with her.

Neil comes to Chahat while searching and asks her for help. Chahat refuses and says, why did you say to Bhupendra that you want to sleep with me today. Niel acknowledges about Chanda is the name of our cow who is in the treasury and wants to be with him because the doctor has asked to take care of him, then Chahat tells Niel That she has added itching powder to her clothes, and then Chahat hid her face.

Pooja starts, Chahat gets the cry of Kripa, then goes to the house and asks Naveli why Kripa is crying. Suddenly Chahaat’s attention goes to Kripa, and she tells Naveli that Is she getting rashes. Naveli says, if you know this much, then you change Krips’s clothes. Chahat went upstairs with Kripa. The person immediately calls Gazala and tells her that Chahat went upstairs Gazala commands her to kill the whole family by burning incense before Chahat come back.

Episode end

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