Shakti 30 October : Heer and Virat’s marriage remained incomplete

At the beginning of the episode Harak disagrees with Preeto’s decision. Parmeet asks what does she mean by buying phera. Sant says does she want money. Preeto refuses. Virat asks what she wants then. Preeto says that she wants Heer to be considered Sant and Parmeet’s daughter. Virat agrees. In further condition, Preeto demands that after marriage, Virat will have to keep Heer happy, and only then will 6th Phera complete. And 7th Phera will be complete when Heer gets the job. Parmeet tells Preeto that she is a very bad woman and that she and Sant leave. Harak tries to stop them but they ignore him and leave.

Heer breaks down and asks Preeto that she had a dream from childhood that she should become a bride, then why does Preeto want to break her dream. Heer says that she will not accept any of her conditions and will complete the marriage. Virat tells Heer to calm down and says that they should complete the wedding soon, now they should accept Preeto words. Heer tells Virat that Preeto is wrong then why they need to listen to her. Heer believes that no one does as Preeto is doing. Virat explains to Heer that somehow they are married and that the last three rounds they will buy with their love.

Pandit Ji says that but the marriage is not complete. Virat says that he does not need all these to carry on the relationship and if Preeto asks for something from him then he will fulfill it. Virat asks them to prepare a farewell. Heer demands that Preeto will not take part in her farewell and this is her condition that everyone must obey.

Further, Sant acts angrily and says that Preeto has insulted him a lot. Parmeet says but now that the command is in their hand and now they will run Heer according to them. Heer leaves and goes with Virat. Everyone weeps tears upon seeing her go. Preeto cries the most as Heer starts hating her and leaves without meeting her. Harak consoles Preeto. Later, Meher calls Heer. Heer tells her about Preeto’s condition. Meher consoles her.

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