Barrister babu 30 October : Rasiya threatened Tara

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh says that at first the other girls will go in boxes and Bondita will go and now they should execute the plan without wasting any more time. Tara tells Rasiya that if she discovers Bondita soon so she should not worry about her. Rasiya says that the pot of Tara’s sin is full and it will burst today and her Shish mehal will be burnt down. Tara tells her to stop giving her knowledge and confidently says that she will find Bondita till Rasiya’s dance is over. There Anirudh is keeping the carts to another place. Rasiya tells Tara that she will also see who will win. Rasiya performs the dance. Tara starts leaving from here. Sourav stops her and asks where she is going. Tara says that she wants to present a diamond soon so she is going to take it.

Anirudh is about to move the boxes but then Tara stops him by coming and asks him to open the box. Anirudh gets nervous. When Tara opens the box, she finds old things. Anirudh says that he had put the goods in the last box for rescue but other boxes contain the girls, he thinks that he has to stop Tara and he makes some excuse and stops Tara and tells her to go to the Nawab.

On the other hand, Mini prays that Trilochan does not come in his sense. Then Binoy tells Mini that Trilochan’s health is very bad and he will not be gaining his conscience yet. Mini is happy to know this. Tara’s purse touches rasgulla ki chasani and suspects that Bondita is here. Later, Tara comes to know everything. She comes to know about Anirudh’s plan and orders the man to catch Anirudh who becomes Salim. The man stops Anirudh and Bondita comes in front of Tara. But before Tara could do anything, Rasiya puts a sword on her neck. Rasiya tells Tara that if she dares to do something Bondita, she will kill her.

Rasiya makes other people run away by them and tells Tara that she had already told her that a day will come when someone will destroy her Shish Mahal and today is the day when her Shish Mahal is over. Rasiya says now Tara will not be able to stop them and it is her end today.

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