Shaadi Mubarak 31 October : Chanda and Rati’s plan failed

At the beginning of the episode, KT overhears Rati and gets shocked. Rati also comes to know that KT has listened to her, and she thinks it would be good if Preeti had drunk alcohol or else her plan would fail. KT hurried towards Preeti. KT reaches Preeti, but Tia takes him to dance with her, and Preeti drinks a cocktail.

KT approaches her and asks if he drank all the drinks. Preeti says yes because it is a delicious mocktail. Preeti also feels dizzy. KT feels that liquor hit Preeti. He takes juice for her and asks her to drink. Preeti refuses. KT tells Preeti about Rati and Chanda’s plan and says they gave her liquor.

Preeti says, but she doesn’t drink the drink that KT gave her. She says that the drink is drunk by Ahern’s father. Aryan’s father gets hit by alcohol and starts doing strange acts. Aryan scolds Preeti for this because his father does not drink on Thursday, and he did so due to her negligence. He snatches the contract from them. But Aryan’s father stops Aryan from doing so and says that he himself has drunk at his will and asks Aryan to apologize to them. Aryan does the same as well as gives the contract.

Knowing this, Chanda and Rati feel burning and are about to leave, but KT sends some guards. Chanda does not agree to go with him, but then she has to go. Next, KT taunts Chanda. He tells Chanda that she is jealous of Preeti, so she does such acts. Chanda says why she will feel jealous of Preeti. She says that she feels pity for Preeti, whose own family is not with her.

Preeti feels bad after hearing all these things. She tells Chanda not to talk about the family as there are rites associated with the family, which are not in her. KT asks Chanda to apologize to them. But Chanda denies this. KT threatens to call the police. Rati gets scared and asks Chanda to apologize. Chanda apologizes.

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