Yeh Hain Chahtein 5 December 2020 Written Update : Saransh life is in danger

At the beginning of the episode, Saransh woke up in the middle of the night and escaped from the room. Saransh went to Balraj’s room and opened the cupboard and unlocked the locker, and thought of giving while money to Mahima and request her to go from this house. Suddenly Balraj came and switched on the lights.

Balraj started shouted at him and was about to hit him, but Shardha stopped him and requested him to listen to him first. Balraj said he will call the police and send him behind the bars. Saransh tried to escape, but Balraj dragged him back inside the room. Saransh thought for a while and jumped from the window. Sharada shouted and ran towards Preesha and took her downstairs. Preesha was continuously asking what happened. As soon as they reached downstairs found Saransh on the floor with blood.

Preesha picked him and immediately moved towards the hospital and said Shardha to send Rudkraksh to the hospital. Shardha came back home, and Balraj asked him about Saransh. Shardha said Preesha has taken him to the hospital. Mahima listened and started asking what happened to Saransh. Ahana revealed that Saransh jumped from the 1 st floor. Then Balraj explained the whole story, to which Mahima reacted and blamed Balraj for scarring him. Then everyone went to the hospital. There Shardha was taking Gps lying on the stretcher.

Yuvraj called Ahana and get to know about the Saransh situation and get scared that he might take his name for the idea of giving money to Mahima to let her go from this house. Yuvraj also moved towards the hospital. Mahima at the hospital requested Preesha to protect his child. Preesha asked about Rudkraksh, Shardha said as soon as he will come back home, Ahana will send him here.

Sharadha was requesting the doctor to save Gps anyhow. The doctor came and said both the blood samples are not similar to Saransh so now it’s very important to find a similar blood group. Preesha tried to call Saransh but unable to reach him out and just wished for his immediate come back.

Episode end

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