Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 December 2020 Written Update : Will Kairav notice Naira?

At the beginning of the episode, Goenka’s decorated for Kairav’s birthday and decided to video call them and cut the cake. Kartik as trying to call Naira, but she was not able to listen as she was dancing at the party. Kairav noticed Naira’s phone was ringing and was about to pull out from his pocket to notify her, but Kartik came and dragged her out of the crowd and alerted her. Naira and Kartik were thinking about how to face this video call. Nairs thought of an idea that they will video call them while dancing, then it would be difficult for them to fund out the truth. Then all rejoiced together, and Goenka’s were watching them over a video call.

A cake-cutting Kairav imagined Naira bringing his favorite cake, and they mutually cut and enjoyed the moment. Suddenly Rudhima said him to cut the cake, and his image vanished. Kairav thought in his mind that Naira didn’t call her to wish him. Kairav saw his favorite caked and asked who made this. Kartik and Naira saw each other, and suddenly Ridima took his name and also gifted one more thing which he liked very much. Kartik praised Naira for making Kairav happy on this day.

One of his friends suddenly asked Kairav about his mother, and Kairav became a little angry, but Kartik claimed him. Suddenly everyone started asking questions to him about his mother. Kairav said she is having a dance institute and she lives with his sister.

Dadi was happy to see them all together. Naksh was thinking about what will happen to them when they will get to know the truth. Suddenly 2 bikes entered the house with balloons tied on them, and as soon as they removed their helmet, everyone felt excited to see Luv and Khush. They started asking about the birthday boy and Naira. Suddenly they looked at Vansh sitting in a wheelchair and asked about it. Everyone was quiet in front of them.

Kartik introduced Ridima to Naira. Nairs thanked her for taking care of him. Naira requested Ridima to help us yo reunite our family. Kairav was searching for Kartik and went outside the house. Ridima said Kartik should join the party as Kairav can come here searching him. Ridima said You both should spend some time as she will handle Kairav. Ridima and Kairav crossed each other without noticing each other. Kartik was passing Naira for the cake. Naira was very much happy about attending Kairav’s birthday party and hugged Kartik. Suddenly Kairav saw something and gets shocked.

Episode end

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