Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 5 December 2020 Written Update : Sai ruling nature impressed Aswini

At the beginning of the episode, Ashwini was doing the marriage proceedings suddenly, Bhawani came and said, Sonali to inform Ashwini that to complete this proceeding, they will require five married women and as we are only 4 in the house. Karishma asked that Pakhi is also included in those 4 married women.

Bhawani shouted at Karishma for speaking such negative things. Suddenly neighborhood women came and completed and got involved in it. Pakhi thought she would be there in place of Sai. All were teasing Virat for marrying secretly, but Aswini said all things are decided by God. Sai was about to touch Sonali’s feet but stopped her and said first she has to touch Virat frets as he is the only one because of whom she gas come here.

Sai touched Virat’s feet, and Virat thought in his mind that he would fulfill Kamal sir’s wish for sure. Ashwini requested Virat to go and call everyone as in the last preceding everyone should be present. Virat went to call them, but Bhavini and others were not willing to come. Ashwini came and joined her hands to come and eat the food cooked by Sai. Bhawani said she will not come as nothing will happen well as Virat has done wrong by marrying this girl.

Aswini said Bhwini is upset because this time, we did not give importance to his decision. Bhawani got angry and said she will not stay in this house and in the future Aswini will rule this house. Baba requested Aswini to touch Bhawini feet and apologize to her. Ashwini said he will do if she will consider Sai as Karishma. Sai incurred and Said she is also doing everything under pressure and she is tolerating very much in this house. Bhawjni said Virat to see goe much respect Sai is giving to elders. Virat took a stand for Sai and said All things are true. Bhawani got angry and said she will die but not eat food made by her.

Aswini said we will complete our proceedings without them. Sai stopped Virat and said to everyone that if they all will not support then she will leave this house. Sai started backward counting from 5-1. At last, Bhawani stopped her and said for the sake of family she will eat. Everyone settled down at the table.

Sonali said to Karishma that Sai is very clever, so we have to keep an eye on her or else she will rule one day. Sai forcefully made everyone eat the food. Ashwini said close relatives would come to see Sai, and as it is the end of the marriage proceedings, Bhawini got angry and left the table.

Episode end

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