Shaadi Mubarak 5 December 2020 Written Update : Kusla and Sneha humiliate Preeti

In the beginning of the episode, Kusla tells Preeti that she will sit near Kirtan, so she should sit somewhere else. Preeti is about to sit in another chair but then Sneha interrupts and says that it is Neil’s chair. She asks Neil to take his place. Neil finds it strange. Preeti stands stunned. Shivraj asks Preeti to sit in his chair. Preeti refuses but after Shivraj speaks again and again she sits on the spot. Neil gives Sup to Preeti. Preeti says she will eat food straight.

Kirtan says this is the food they eat light at night. Sneha and Kusla laugh at Preeti. While Shivraj says Preeti asks the cook to cook food. Kusla says Preeti will have to eat all this while following the rules. And the cook is gone anyway. Further Kirtan brings some food for Preeti. He tells Preeti that he only knows this much to cook, then eats this. Preeti is surprised to see him. While Kirtan goes on.

Further, Preeti sleeps on the ground and Kirtan on the bed. Then a servant comes and tells them about the couch. Kirtan questions Preeti whether she has ordered the couch. Preeti answers na. Nandni’s call comes, she tells them that she has sent a couch for Preeti as she knows that Preeti must be sleeping on the ground. When Preeti hears this, she comes to Kirtan. And asks Nandni why she has harassed them by calling at night. Nandani gets angry after seeing Kirtan and Preeti’s closeness and she throws the phone.

Preeti goes back down. Kirtan tells Preeti that they can sleep together. She refuses. On further telling of Kirtan, she goes to bed and sleeps and makes a shield from pillows. Kirtan says he can break this shield. Preeti looks at him. Further Kirtan kicks Preeti in his sleep. Preeti sleeps cautiously. After that morning after asking Shivraj, she keeps her Krishnaji in their temple. And goes to the room of Kirtan who is still sleeping.

Preeti wants to keep clothes in the cupboard. Kirtan gets up and refuses. He says he will give her a new wardrobe. Preeti says she doesn’t need it. But Preeti is then shocked when she sees Nandni’s belongings in the cupboard. Nandni decides that she will soon enter Kirtan’s house.

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