Anupamma 5 December 2020 Written Update :Kavya confront Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya meets Nandini. Nandni says to her that we all thought that Vanraj would never come back as they way he leaves his house. But he returned. She taunts Kavya that at first Vanraj lies to his family and now he lies to her. Kavya gets upset and wants to ask Vanraj why he did it.

Later Vanraj is about to go. He takes Lila blessing and ask Paritosh take Lila inside the house as he is leaving. Lila ask him not to say that he leaving, always say that he will come back soon. Then, Vanraj notice Anupama. He tells her that she snatch his whole family from him and soon he will also snatch everything from her. Anupama tells him not to down yourself this much. Vanraj gets angry, he shouts on her. Anupama ask him to lower down his voice or else if family sees this avatar of him, they will start hate him more.

Vanraj come at Kavya’s house. Vanraj make some lies so that Kavya never suspects him. But Kavya ask him not to make lies infront of her as she knows everything. She ask him to choose one between her and his family. There, Anupama tells Babuji that they have very little money and it’s very hard to manage the whole house with this much of money. Babuji says he will help her. Later Anupama ask Samar if something bothering him. She tells that she knows he love Nandni. Samar says he even proposed her but she didn’t give any answer.

There Vanraj ask Kavya to put balm on his back as he is having back pain. But he notice that Kavya is not here. He thinks if she goes to Anirudh. Anupama tells Samar that he and Nandni are good friends so he should not let break his friendship with her. While Vanraj notice Kavya with another boy. Vanraj yells at her. Kavya also gets angry. While Pakhi ask for 80k for her further studies.

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